The BIFFA Members Club League Table….!!

Do you remember when our Annual Year Book used to contain the league table of Clubs according to how many paid up association members there were??  I used to leap on that page  – it was a reasonable proxy for the health of FF sailing at each location!!

Well, the table for the current membership year has been issued by HQ – and very interesting reading it makes too.  There are plenty of upsides….

  • For a start, I would not have expected to find Association members at an astonishing 78 UK clubs.
  • Second, right at the top of the league table is Royal Windermere. It’s a rule in that fleet, I’m told, that if you are not a BIFFA member then you don’t race!!
  • What makes a good size fleet??  Well, how about ten full members of BIFFA?? There are 12 clubs that make the grade.
  • How many Clubs are large enough to justify “FFI Fleet Status”?? To have “FFI Fleet Status” needs a minimum of 6 boats and 6 full association members.  Well, we have seventeen of those – and I have a feeling that might be slightly up on 2011.  I’ll have to check.
  • Keep reading the blog for an entry soon which compares for each fleet the number of boats in the 2011 Census and the number of 2012 Association Members.

Click here to see the League Table.

FLEET CAPTAINS – if you would like a list of the current members in your fleet, then you can work out who is not a member!! If you would like the membership list for your fleet  please contact the Association Secretary  on

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