FF World Magazine….!!

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Those of you amongst you who are Association members will have received and read the new “FF World” magazine.  Fantastic, isn’t it??!!

If you’re not a member, you’re missing a real treat.  For me, the central feature based on an interview with our very own World Champion, Chris Turner, was sensational value.

The work to pull all this together was done by Crispin Reed-Wilson and he has exceeded everything we asked of him.  Look out for the next issue which Crispin already has in mind!!

Rule Changes are In …!!!

Did you vote in the last rules ballot??  Well, here is the official announcement from BIFFA….

The main changes of note are to:
Rule B13.3.2 Sail Identification addition as follows – A gold coloured insignia may be used by current and former World Champion helmsmen of the Flying Fifteen Class.
Reason for Change
At the FFI Council Meeting of July 2011, Council resolved that current and past World Champions of our Class be permitted to use a gold insignia on their sails to recognise their achievements.

Rule B13.5.1(e) Sail Construction addition as follows – sail shape indicator stripes
Rule B13.6.1(d) Sail Construction addition as follows – sail shape indicator stripes

Reason for Change
The sail rules of the Class are “Closed Class Rules”, meaning that anything not specifically permitted by the class rules is prohibited. Sail shape indicator stripes (“speed stripes’) are not listed in the permissions of the current class rules were therefore prohibited.
“Speed Stripes” have been popular and used by some members for a number of years, and this change gives the option for members to use them if they wish.

Championship Regulation Changes
Item 4 10.2 Measurement Change as follows – The Council may, at its absolute discretion, exempt measurement of sails certified under the ISAF IHC measurements system for World Championship events.

Reason for Change

This clause will allow Council to exempt measurement of IHC sails if it wishes, and thus reduce the measurement load for officials at a World Championship.

Whilst on the subject of measurement we would like to remind measurers and sail makers of the following rules:

13.8.2 Sail Limitations
(a) Registration
(i) Not more than two mainsails, two headsails and two spinnakers shall be
registered in the first twelve months. Thereafter not more than one
mainsail, one headsail and one spinnaker shall be registered in each
twelve month period commencing on the anniversary of the date on which
the original measurement of the boat was completed, except that in the
event of the change of ownership of the boat, one additional mainsail,
one additional headsail and one additional spinnaker may be registered
by the new owner in the corresponding twelve month period.

In terms of administering this rule on discussion with the FFI chief measurer the proper arbiter of whether a boat can have an additional suit of sails is a class measurer/maintenance measurer as per Rules part A as follows:

The owner shall have all new or substantially altered sails measured by an approved Measurer (see
Rule A3). Alternatively, ISAF or an MNA may appoint one or more In-House Official Measurers to
measure and certify sails produced by a licensed manufacturer. After completion of a satisfactory
measurement an Official Flying Fifteen Class Measurer or a Flying Fifteen Maintenance Measurer
shall sign, number and date both the sail at its tack and the Measurement Certificate. The number
allocated shall be unique and in the form “2M 3218”, where 2M represents the second mainsail
measured for this boat and 3218 the boat number.
The certificate shall carry sail endorsements in accordance with the Class Rules. The boat shall race
only with sails endorsed on her certificate, except that in the case of a helmsperson sailing a
borrowed boat, the boat may race with any combination of the sails endorsed on the certificate of
the borrowed boat, or on the certificate of a boat owned by the helmsperson. This certificate shall
also be examined by the Organising Club, and such sail numbers declared to the Race Office at
When it is satisfied that a sail has been lost or damaged to such an extent that it cannot be used, the
Race Committee may authorise the use of a replacement sail.

We do recognise that with In-house official measurement being widely used in the UK that certificates are not always seen by class measurers during the measurement process, and whilst we don’t want to overburden busy sail makers with checking up on such rules we would ask that where ever and whenever possible a simple check can be made that a boat is eligible to receive new sails. If in doubt please refer to a class measurer or the BIFFA office.

Membership News Letter from BIFFA….!!

A couple of days ago, on the 27th in fact, paid up Members of the Association will have received the latest Secretary’s Newsletter into their mailbox.  It contains all the inside track information on upcoming events – plus a timely reminder to us all to pay our subs on time on April 1st.  Most people will pay by standing order, but do hurry as the Yearbook and the forthcoming FF Magazine will be waiting to come out  !!