Running Costs

How Much Does it Cost to Race a Flying Fifteen??

There are lots of great reasons to race at Datchet – the location and access for a start. The 475 acre racecourse is fantastic, and concrete beaches and slipways for sailing were included in the original design.   Then there is the friendly and supportive family atmosphere, the upstairs lounge for relaxing, the tuition courses, the Chandlery and so on. But you’ll maybe still need to decide which fleet to join… and how much it will all cost?

Like cars, a major part of the cost of running any boat is probably the depreciation. Flying Fifteens have a very long racing life, and supported by a Classic/Silver/Open fleet structure, depreciation can be very low indeed. Some Classics can even appreciate. The overall cost of ownership of a Flying Fifteen turns out to be very competitive as a result.

Take a look at the summary below – all the figures are based on owning the boat for a 5 year term. Depreciations are taken by price sightings on the National Association Website. Fees and insurances, sail prices and boat prices were current at the time of writing.

If you assume you race 40 weekends per year at Datchet, the cost per race ranges from £14 to £43 per race depending how competitive you need to be. Remember too that you can charter a Club Flying Fifteen program for £20 a day.

Choice of Boat Cost Per Race

Classic Racer                                                  £14

Club Racer                                                      £20

Club Winner                                                  £25

New Boat                                                       £43

Renting a Club Loan Boat                           £20

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