Building the Canada FF Fleet ….!!

The news from here in Canada is that two of our club members took the plunge and bought  two boats from Toronto. Then one of them, the 80 years young Lawrie Neish, drove 3000 km to get them, muscled the keels off and load them on a trailer and then drove 3000 km home. On the trip back he was overtaken by several blizzards that closed the highways but ten days later he made it. We now have the bones of a fleet and I couldn’t be happier. Lawrie, an ex Scot as you might imagine by the name, has built two cold molded FF’s some time in the middle of the last century before emigrating to Canada.
Our new racing season starts on New Years Morning and at least one FF will be on the start line. I will send the Blog updates from time to time. Thanks to everyone who took the time to help us out.
Best Regards,
Martin Herbert FF2281

FF Canada Lawrie made it home 5

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