Big News From Goacher Sails

We are excited to announce that Chris Robinson, who has been working with us for almost 11 years at Goacher Sails, and his wife Hannah have taken overall control of the business. I have taken a step back from the front line to focus on leading the design of our products. Hannah will be taking over the admin role from Shelagh.

Chris is well known in one design sailing, a popular member of the Hollingworth alumni and together with Hannah they are committed to do their best for you and all our customers going forward, with the full support of our existing staff.

Our capabilities and our ethos have not changed, and we enthusiastically look forward to the future.

Although I am taking a step back from overall responsibility, I remain committed to the team I have led for three decades, but with a lighter workload expect to spend some more time on the water.

Shelagh and I thank you for the support you have given to us in the past. It has been an enormous pleasure to make things which are enjoyed in such an absorbing hobby, backed by a team who never give less than their best.

With best wishes

Steve and Shelagh

Twin Jib Tracks Make a Return – 4073 at The Dinghy Show

I think my second FF, 3644, had a twin track arrangement for the jib cars… but I might not have had them since!

Well, they could be making a comeback!!  Did you watch the video two blog-posts below this?  Very interesting and beautifully done custom made.  Note the main tracks are on custom made “pods” and even further inboard than those on the Ovington boat.  The idea here is to sheet closer to the centre line and then “barber” outward via the second track when you’re offwind….

Photos kindly supplied by Phil Tinsley






The FF on the Ovington Stand at the 2020 Dinghy Show

Apparently we can now get fully fitted boats from Ovington instead of getting the hulls there but fitting services from Phil Evans and P&B.

I would imagine that the boat in the photos below is a pretty fair copy of their World Champion boat – minus a couple of secret things!!  So Graham and Chris’ special chute arrangement is in evidence.

They have mounted their jib tracks on the vertical face of the tanks in order to make the sheeting angle even finer.  Steve Goacher had told me that he had tried this but it made the jib car slide less smoothly as the cars are not designed to take lateral loads.  I wonder of Chris has found the answer to this for their boat….

Note in the top photo the provision they have made for barbering the jib even further inboard than the jib track position. Everything is in black so you have to stare at the photo carefully!

Oh – I just noticed, the under deck furler idea is not present!!

Last point – that’s a really snazzy non-slip floor!!

Photos kindly supplied by Phil Tinsley