New Sail Discount for BIFFA Members…

Did you get the little P&B brochure in the same envelope as the FFI Year Book??  It’s always great to see it and P&B discount pretty aggressively over the winter. Good prices on covers actually – !! (must make a note!…)

It’s probably just that I missed it in previous years, but did you see the paragraph headed

Club/Class Discounts


I’ve never noticed it before. The idea is to offer prices deeper than the standard winter discount for bulk orders of 3 suits or more….  It might be touch and go for most of the Fleets at 3 suits, but we could do that from BIFFA for BIFFA members, couldn’t we??

It might be too late to have a go for this year – the discount window closes December 23rd, and many of us will have already placed our orders for the year….  but why don’t we have a chat with Alan and see how it might work for card carrying BIFFA members next year?  There might be lots of ways we could make this easy to do…..

Ideas please to….

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