Thinking of Going to the Nationals ??!!

We’ve just received a note from UKFFA saying that those who have never entered a Nationals before get an additional £20 discount.  AND the discounted entry date has been extended, so you get a chance to chat about it with your sailing pals.

Also, there apparently is a really great set of prizes available to win for Classic boats and a fantastic social programme organised. It sounds like there are 50 entrants so far

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Fabulous venue by the way … Ed.

Insurance Time……!!!

30th December and it’ll be insurance time soon for loads of us!!

Have you seen the NEW Association Scheme ?? Very aggressively priced, it is.  PLUS did you spot that if you are joining the UK Fleet scheme from insuring somewhere else, you get a £20 “discount” if you are a member of the Class Association…!!

Now lets think through this for a moment….  The UK Fleet policy runs from February 1st each year, right? One month away from now.  But did you also know that if you join the Association now, you are given fifteen months for the price of twelve – which is the same as January to March are free. So as the BIFFA fee is £35 and you get £20 off from the insurance, you get fifteen months for fifteen pounds…… a pound a month to support your Class. Not bad, eh??  Not to mention that you should anyway see a very keen price on the insurance. Speaking just for myself, the premium reduction pays for my Association membership a few times over.

What do you have to do??  Well, (1) get a quote from our brokers at UKGlobal and ask for both the member and non-member fee.  (2) Join the Association pronto – There’s only four weeks to turn this all around. A membership form can be downloaded from “Quick Links” on the right hand side of the Blog homepage.  (3) Accept your insurance quote from UK Global by Feb 1st.

Fleet Captains : You should quickly get onto this with your fleets  !!   Full details and a personal quote can be obtained by contacting Jerry Dungate at UKGlobal on 01883 333 512 or

Cover It Up ….!!

Have you seen the announcement of 15% discount off covers at P&B until 21st December, …. Santa??….!!

How long do you reckon to get out of a cover??  In the London environment, where cyclists wear facemasks, I reckon to get five, maybe six years.  Is it more where you are??

Anyway, for our fleet, the P&B seasonal offers are always good news and 15% is a real motivator.   This is the link to the P&B Covers Page.

Another thing caught my attention about this is the announcement that the covers are available in a new material called “Weathermax”.  It’ll be interesting to see how well it deals with the air of London.  This is what P&B have to say about it:-

Our covers are made from high quality PVC coated polyester or Weathermax, a new fabric that combines breakthrough UV technology with water resistance, breathability and durability so that it can protect your boat for longer.

I’ve just got a cover made in weathermax for our boat ….

  • It’s much lighter material than we are used to, and when new (at least) it’s quite slippery. Light when wet, even.  So using it, as in “putting it on”, is a bit more pleasant an experience.
  • It’s strange stuff as it appears not to be coated on either side. In fact, to the naked eye it looks the same both sides.  You are aware that it is man-made material, but somehow, it does not seem at all plastic.
  • So is there anything not to like?? Well, when wet, or even just the morning dew, it holds the water (when new anyway) in big globules on the surface. Just maybe, surface tension is enough to stop the water running away as quick as you’d think – it seems to have zero water absorption….  So when you roll it up and then lift it off the boat, great streams of water run all over your jeans. Yuck!!  The best tip here is to get your bowman to take the cover off instead…!!!

New Sail Discount for BIFFA Members…

Did you get the little P&B brochure in the same envelope as the FFI Year Book??  It’s always great to see it and P&B discount pretty aggressively over the winter. Good prices on covers actually – !! (must make a note!…)

It’s probably just that I missed it in previous years, but did you see the paragraph headed

Club/Class Discounts


I’ve never noticed it before. The idea is to offer prices deeper than the standard winter discount for bulk orders of 3 suits or more….  It might be touch and go for most of the Fleets at 3 suits, but we could do that from BIFFA for BIFFA members, couldn’t we??

It might be too late to have a go for this year – the discount window closes December 23rd, and many of us will have already placed our orders for the year….  but why don’t we have a chat with Alan and see how it might work for card carrying BIFFA members next year?  There might be lots of ways we could make this easy to do…..

Ideas please to….

Trailer Discount for BIFFA Members!!….

Have you seen that Keels on Wheels  are offering BIFFA members a discounted price of £750 plus VAT for an FF Trailer? Brilliant idea – even if you’re not an Association member, it’s worth joining to get this. They’re a cracking good trailer too…. and at a cracking good price as well.

For more details contact