Waples Wines Northern Travellers – Tip Number 8 !!!

Traveller Tips #8 Following Others:

“It is good to watch what other boats do but not to slavishly follow them. They may have made route decisions relative to other boats or the wind conditions at the time which would be different by the time you reach the same position or on the next lap

At inland venues just because something worked on lap one it will not necessarily work on lap two. Whilst it is good to watch what others do, try to work out why it worked to help you make your decision.

Finally, remember: if you have not been able to understand what was going on, go and ask the experienced sailor after the race – they are usually more than willing to help!”

Helm, David McKee, FF4005

Waples Wines Northern Travellers Tip of the Month – 7….!!

Here’s the seventh installment in our Traveller Tips series, this time from class stalwart (and current leader of the Worlds Qualifier table) David McKee:-

You will seldom see the top boats in our fleet luffing each other on a reach. This is common at the smaller events. If someone luffs it will usually promote a luffing match in which you will lose out. Boats behind will catch up and you will lose ground to the boats ahead.

Try to avoid a luffing match as much as possible. If the boat ahead is significantly slower get into a much higher lane early, the boat ahead may not feel as threatened and if you are faster you may be able to sail over if the leg is long enough.

If, as is the position in most cases, the boat ahead is of similar speed, consider putting your bow below his transom to show you are not threatening and ride with him to the next mark. You can always pass him on the next beat.

Helm, David McKee, FF4005

Southern Travellers, Llangorse Open Meeting – Full Report…!!

Llangorse Sailing Club

Flying Fifteen Open Meeting 16thand 17thJune 2018

After several weeks of bright sunshine and light winds, the weekend dawn with the prospect of cooler conditions and gusty winds up to 20 knots.  Competitors were not disappointed and the race officer had a difficult time with shifts of 90 degrees in the start area.

Open, Silver and Classic fleets added up to sixteen boats on the water, with six visitors from Middle Nene, Broxbourne, South Cerney and Newport Uskmouth.

Large courses with tactical beats and long three sail reaches gave the competitors a hard first day. By the end of Saturday: the Classic Fleet  was led by Mark Greer and Jim Reid 2433 (Middle Nene) with three firsts; Robert Dangerfield and Claire Ellis 3121 (Llangorse) led the Silver Fleet with two firsts and a second: and in the Open Fleet Julian Smith and Bob Cartwright 3795 (Newport Uskmouth) were lying first with two firsts and a second.

Sunday brought very similar conditions but big gusts provided some exciting downwind sailing. Race four was the traditional Simon Dangerfield Memorial Race over a windward/leeward course. The beats up to South buoy in shifty conditions made for careful tactical decisions and the race was much enjoyed with near line place changes, just as Simon would have liked it.

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Simon Dangerfield Memorial Trophy:

Classic – David Morgan and Lorina Walden 2663 (Llangorse)

Silver – Robert Dangerfield and Claire Ellis  3121 (Llangorse)

Open – Richard McCulloch and Claire Taylor 3691 (Llangorse)


The last race used much of the surface area of the lake and saw the most spectacular three sail reaches of the weekend in bright sunshine and Llangorse Lake at its best.


Overall results:


Classic Fleet

1stMark Greer and Jim Reid  2433 (Middle Nene) 6pts

2ndDavid Morgan and Lorina Reid 2663 (Llangorse) 6pts

3rdNeil Bartholomey and Stuart Bartholomey 2700 (Middle Nene) 15pts


Silver Fleet

1stRobert Dangerfield and Claire Ellis 3121 (Llangorse) 4pts

2ndDavid Travis and Lynne Travis 3006 (Llangorse) 9pts

3rdJacquie Layton and David Hemingway 2880 (Llangorse) 10pts


Open Fleet

1stRichard McCulloch and Claire Taylor 3691 (Llangorse) 5pts

2ndJulian Smith and Bob Cartwright 3795 (Newport Uskmouth) 6pts


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Waples Wines Northern Travellers Tip 6….Travelling for the First Time !!

“When travelling for the first time or as part of a new team here are a few tips to make packing the boat up and rigging run smoothly:-
  • Owners are fussy and like things to be carried out in a certain way, take time to work out how they like things done, then commit them to memory and try to follow the routine every time.
  • Work on opposite sides of the boat – and work methodically through everything coming together for the two person jobs, such as taking the rudder and mast out.
  • Have proper straps and padding for everything not an assortment of bits of string of indeterminate length.
  • Leave as much as possible on the trailer (tied out the way) so you don’t have to find it later”.
Helm, Keith Jamieson ƒƒ3903