14 Entries at the Datchet Open…!!

The Datchet Open Meeting attracted fourteen entrants with a good proportion of visitors.

Simon Kneller and Dave Lucas stamped their authority on the fleet on Saturday, with Charles Apthorp and Alan Green tight in behind them.  Conditions were light, and Sunday racing cancelled due to the conditions.  Three races were completed with one discard.  John Hanson and Helen Selden won the trophy for there best home team.

Click here to see the results.

Want to Follow the America’s Cup on TV…??!!

The America’s Cup is starting now.  If you want to follow it on TV, it’s not as easy as you would hope.

The general format seems to be that you can watch it live, then see a repeat the following afternoon.

You can find the TV viewing schedule by clicking here.

Now… HOW to watch it ??!!!

I cannot find it via our Amazon TV fire stick or Apple TV.

Well if you are in the UK it’s all tightly tied down to make it difficult and to make you pay – but it is available on “BT Sport”    www.bt.com/sport  …  Their website suggests that you can get it at a small charge.

A lot of us, including me, get our broadband from BT.  Although the website suggested that as a BT Broadband customer you can get BT Sport at £2.50 a month, the GREAT news is that I seem to be able to get it for free as BT Sport is included in the price of my particular Broadband package – the fast one.  I’ve successfully logged in to watch it via my desktop Mac, and via an iPad, though I was unable to beam it up to the TV via Apple TV mirroring – that seemed a step too far!!

Hope these notes help!!

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