More on Trailer Boxes….!!

Regarding trailer boxes, there was a Spanish boat (3796 ?) around a few years ago that had some large diameter pipes fastened to the trailer frame.  A bit like the things you see on the plumbers vans, but probably a foot or so in diameter with screw on ends.  You could easily fit a main and genoa in each side.

Adrian Simpson

(from the Editor – I attach a photo of my Dragon ready to tow to show what you can get up to with trailer boxes once you decide not to submerge it for launching.  Maybe our crane-lucky colleagues in Australia are already doing more with trailer boxes…??

Dragon Trailer Boxes

You’ll see that we had boxes moulded specifically to the trailer – the long side boxes for sails, and the parallelogram box under the bow for other kit….)

2 thoughts on “More on Trailer Boxes….!!

  1. Adrian you have an exceptionally good memory – I have just chartered ESP 3796 from Mark Turner (Chew Valley) and sure enough the super large tubes are still there (probably left over from when the boat was ‘imported’ out to Aus and to UK for variousl events around 2009.


    Robert FF 3597 (and now 3796 – I guess! Which means only altering two numbers!!!)

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