Free Floating Genoa Barbers….!!

Back in my Dragon days, the massive genoa aboard was controlled via a floating jib fairlead and not via a track.  I’ve often wondered how this might work on a fifteen.  Here are some notes from David Williamson, on how he has gone about it….

Jib Sheeting DetailIn the Jib Sheeting detail pic.
Jib Sheet MarkingsSpectra slip-loop to attach tapered jib sheet.
Graduation reference marks on splash board as a visual jib sheeting reference.
Shroud adjuster (cut down as I saw in a pic of Vials/Turner boat in Hong Kong)
-Couldn’t help myself, these are also bolted on permanently and are part of the hull weight.


1 thought on “Free Floating Genoa Barbers….!!

  1. Useful photo for working out the system for the new genoa – how is the elastic attached to the block? looks very tidy but detail is behind the block so can’t be sure how its attached

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