Brand Image – What’s In a Name??

Regular readers of the FF Blog will be aware that I am a bit hung up about our “Old Man’s Boat” Image… on all fronts. I often think if we called it the ‘RS Fifteen’, we’d have the problem cracked in a moment.

Did the name of our Association, the British Isles Flying Fifteen Association, ever strike you as a bit…. well…. 1950ish????  Plus of course, since search engines came along keying in “BIFFA” takes you to dozens of google pages about a waste management company. Lots of complaints about them interestingly!!

I think the Aussies use “FFI-A” which actually isn’t bad… it doesn’t sound 1950ish anyway. It sounds quite “IBM” which puts it a decade or two later.  For unsubtle reasons, we obviously cannot append “UK” after the letters “FF”.  Does UKFF’s work for you??

When you create accounts in Facebook and Twitter, as we have for the FF Blog, you hit the problem straight away – and you find most words in the dictionary have already been booked. I think on Facebook we are “BritishIslesFlyingFifteens” (clumsy, bit of a mouthful obviously and too many letters to key)  and on Twitter we are @ukflyingfifteens… Not good to be something different on both…. Before we dismiss the relevance of Facebook and Twitter to our little world of Flying Fifteen racing, might I say that we have around 140 daily followers of the ff blog in social media – 110 of those on Facebook. Interesting….

So what to do??  It was David Hume writing on the blog a  week or two ago that set me off on this.  I felt David made a good point that the International Moths actually do ‘fly’ these days ….  and for us to use the word “flying” seems a bit inappropriate.

So if we had a name of something like “UK Fifteens” for our Association, our online identities, and so on – would that seem a lot more youthful, modern, contemporary???

Maybe…. What do you think?? ….. “UK Fifteens”??….


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