Club Support Package – Datchet Ideas 7 and 8…!!

These are the third and final ideas we have at Datchet about the Practical Help our Association might give as part of a support package to Club Fleets.

Our third idea in this category regards Classic and Silver members. We have already suggested that consideration is given to a lower membership tariff (eg £20) for Classic/Silver members that live in fleets with FFI Status.

Our idea though comes from looking at eBay. Have you noticed that a lot of the sales of classic and silver boats happen on websites other than BIFFA – such as eBay??  We suggest that (i) the best place for owners to sell FFs is on the BIFFA site  (ii) they only sell elsewhere because with BIFFA they would have to join (£35). Why don’t we consider advertising Silver Boats for free so long as they are paid up members (reduced tarrif) of a fleet with FFI status?? (Actually – is this right?? Or can any owner already advertise on BIFFA for a fee??…)

Typical of bar talk, we were bound to think  of whether chandlers, branded clothing or repair shops offer fidelity discounts to BIFFA members of Fleets with FFI status… Why would they agree though? It might be hard to do it with Chandlers maybe, but what about branded clothing for example??

6 thoughts on “Club Support Package – Datchet Ideas 7 and 8…!!

  1. Advertising on the BIFFA site £5 for members £10 for non members on a hold until sold basis. Far less cost than eBay or Apollo suck!

  2. I was just looking at this Apollo Duck thing – quite a few FFs get advertised there. Now why on earth would people use Apollo instead of BIFFA?? It beats me – they charge £25 for 3 months and £35 for 6 months….. Blimey

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