BIFFA Members !!! What do we know about us?…..

Have you tried the “Members Only” area of the BIFFA website?? You just ask the Secretary for an access code and, if you’ve paid your subs (!), you can get straight in….

It contains minutes of past AGMs and FC meetings, but most interestingly it contains the member database. Take a look… it’s pretty intriguing…. I thought it was just about finding addresses of fellow members, useful in itself, but no. The most intriguing feature, which I discovered by accident, is that you can click on any column header and it sorts the database for you. So you can see it in boat number sequence, Club Sequence or whatever.

The first thing is to understand what it is you will be looking at.  I don’t think it is the same thing as a members database. We heard from the President at the AGM that we had 360 paid up members or so at the end of 2010.  There are about 475 people named in the database. So it’s more like, “These You have Loved….”

So the first thing it tells you straight away then is that around a quarter of the people who have been members have declined for some reason to renew their membership since the database was loaded.  Actually, I am surprised and alarmed by that….

You can see that some small number of people on the list have no boat showing against their name – the Associate Members….

The first amazing thing – well, to me anyway ….So how many Flying Fifteens  are on there as ‘known’ boats???  The answer??  When I looked it was….  493….

493 – are you surprised? Were you expecting higher or lower??  I think I was expecting higher…  If you look at the FF stats on ISAF, you’d quickly form a rule of thumb that GBR is roughly half the worldwide fleet…..  So over the years, there ought have been about 2000 UK Flying Fifteens.  Where are they? How many are left?  How many have rotted and moved on??  Lets suppose half of them, 1000, have passed away. That’s a lot of lead keels somewhere…. or melted down!  If we are left with 1000, and we know roughly where 500 are … where are the other 500??  If they still exist, why don’t the owners connect with BIFFA??? We have hundreds of FFs to track down…

You probably have views about the FFs at your Club. Let me know what you think – either leave a comment or email us at

We have quite a few other surprise findings from the ‘members register’.  More on this in a day or two…

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