Ovi on Ovington – Nice Detailing….

H snapped this piece of the shroud area on the Ovington at the Dinghy Show. There’s some nice detailing here.  See the tapered twinning line – a labour of love that would have been and it would last for years – and help the problem of weighing down the sheet in lighter airs.

Plus is that a purpose made shroud adjuster that I see before me?  It has really short shroud plates which I guess you could grind off after you get the boat set up and bedded in – to save weight….  If you don’t recognise the double tang there, it’s for adjusting the rake while you are on the water…. The blue ball is to encourage spinnaker sheets to avoid snagging in the shroud plate.

The VC by now will have spotted that the screw heads on the cleat are not lined up. Much tutting….!!!!

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