Waples Wines Northern Travellers Tip of the Month – Number One!


Travellers tip #1 Boat/equipment stress: “Many people seem to be constantly worried their boat or equipment is not right or their boat is not properly setup. This takes up a good deal of nervous energy and affects enjoyment of sailing.  Don’t worry too much about your equipment and boat set up. I recommend you check your boat over at the beginning of the season, replace worn or damaged fittings or rope and then check the boat set up. This is a fairly easy process, there are tuning guides available from the class sail makers and there are always people willing to help if you are not sure you can manage it yourself.

My message is that on smaller water, similar to many of the Waples Wine Series events the legs are fairly short, so differences in equipment and set up have a relatively small impact. The biggest gains can be made by concentrating on sail setting, trim and getting the strategy right rather than radical changes to the equipment.    Set the boat up, make sure everything does what it needs to do and then put this out of your mind and concentrate on the things that make the biggest difference”. Helm, David Mckee, ƒƒ4005

Waples Wines Northern Travellers Update….!!

Waples Wines LogoThe second event of the series was run by Royal Windermere Yacht Club last weekend alongside the Northern championships. The event provided two days of interesting sailing in good weather conditions. On Saturday competitors sailed in the Southern section of the lake and experienced lightish shifting conditions and on Sunday in the northern section of the lake in windier conditions. With good courses and a super-efficient race team allied to the usual welcome at the club this was an enjoyable event for competitors and support teams.

Waples Wines F15 GBR4033-4
After 2 events it is too early to judge who the leaders will be however setting out their stall early we already have one qualified team, previous winner Andy Goddard and son Tom from Dovestone. Currently Colin Pierce and Mandy Thackray lie first Silver and Rod Rowlands and David Hill lead the Classics. All is however still to play for. A total of 24 eligible entrants from 8 clubs have taken part in the series so far. The next event is at Ogston near Chesterfield on the 13th and 14th June. This is a good event where competitors will be made very welcome and camping is available at the club for those so inclined.

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WWNT Update June 2015 Sheet1

Loads More Now at the Waples Wines Northern Travellers ….!!

Waples Wines LogoDave McKee, Justin Waples and the WWNT organising team have been working hard at the value-add part of attending the series.

  • For the Dovestone Event, Andy Weatherspoon is a former ff world champ crewing for Charles at Durban, so knowledge from the top. If weather permits this will include some on the water coaching.
  • There will also have a rules refresher on prestart situations as part of a role out of rules refreshers on different aspects at most of the traveller events.
  • The programme will be rigged but not changed for 10.30 start of coaching. 2 races back to back starting at 2.30 on the Saturday. Sunday 3 races, the first 2 will be back to back starting at 10.30. Notice of race to be added to DSC webpage shortly.
  • At the other opens the coaching input will continue. At Bassenthwaite we have a double header of Phil Evans on spinny flying and Steve Goacher on sniffing out the wind on inland lakes

That’s pretty fantastic, don’t you think?  – first event the weekend after Easter, 11th/12th April

WWNT Final Round up…!!

Waples Wines 2014 small64 boats competed with 12 boats qualifying for the series.

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Whilst only two visitors made it to the final event, one team did arrive from Perth, Australia (John Hassen and Dave Sutcliffe)
which surely must qualify them for the greatest distance ever travelled to a Northern Traveller event.
Three races were run on the Saturday in fair winds which produced some extremely close racing, but unfortunately the
competitors spent Sunday morning willing the flaccid club burgee to flutter, which it failed to do. The OD took the sound decision
at lunchtime to abandon racing for the day and so Saturdays results stood.
The winners of the DSC open were David Naylor and Rod Rowlands (DSC) in a Classic, followed by Justin Waples /
Mandy Thackray (RCYC) in a Silver and Graham Massey / Lucy Clough (DSC) in an Open.

The overall winners of the Waples Series were Graham Massey and Lucy Clough from Dovestone, with
Andy Goddard / Mal Hartland + Tom Goddard from Dovestone and Jon and Julia Ward from Ogston second and third respectively.

Malcolm Hall maintained his position of first “non open” boat.

Graham Massey
(On behalf of David McKee)