Getting Those Unused FF’s Back on the Water ….!!

 Do you have Silvers and Classics languishing in the boat park unused??
At Llangorse we are trying hard to get these boats back in use.
Yes we have a number of mainly silver boats that are not in any sort of racing trim.
The owners are keen (sometimes)but do not want to spend a lot of money to start with.
We have got them more interested by suggesting improvements that do not cost a great deal.
Get the keel smooth.
Get the rudder smooth
Rudder in the right place (Gap to hull)
Help set their boats up for them.
Correct rig tension
Make sure the sails go up down smoothly. ( I know it sounds simple but people get fed up when things do not work & then make excuses to go home)
The next step is we get some of the more experienced crews to go out with them. Suggesting improvements.
From this we have generated more interest from those that did not initially get involved asking for help & advice.
They then move on to better sails(Second hand of course) and better kit.
My apologies if I am stating the obvious.
We also use the handicaps at the Club for all racing
Open                                       1010
Silver & Classics                     1035
This gives the slower Silvers more chance to get a better result.
Best Regards
Dave Hemingway