FF Insight Zone Does “Light Airs Techniques”….!!

During the last Association training session at Datchet, coached by Association President Jeremy Davy, we managed to capture a fair bit of video.  We have some great footage on light weather tacking and spinnaker handling.

You can find it in the FF Insight Zone in the Members area of the Association website.  Go to the home page and select UK Association/Members/FF Insight Zone.  You have to enter your members password first.

BIFFA Website Launches the ” FF Insight Zone”……!!

One of the most frequently searched areas of the BIFFA website and the FF Blog is anything containing video.  You’re all very keen on it!!

As experienced owners will know, owning and racing these boats is a very nuanced affair.  There’s lots to learn both on the water and ashore.  We’ve decided to start a project, which may well take a couple of years or more to fulfil, to capture a lot of this knowledge on the website in video format.  It’s aimed at newcomers to the class, and prospective newcomers to the Class.  Having said that, in 20 years I’ve never seen genoa furler bearings being replaced – and that is the first video we are releasing!!

Class Association Secretary, Keith Jamieson, has made a short video showing how to take your furler apart, what the smart ideas are, and how to put it back together with new bearings.

You can find it in the Members Video Library, which you get to by going to the Association Website Homepage, and selecting UK Association/Members/FF Insight Zone.  You have to be logged in with your Member ID to access it.

We have ideas for around three dozen topics, plus we hope to trap on the water video from Association training.  If you fancy making us a video about technique or ownership, please step forward !!