FF Tow Cars 2….

We wrote a few days ago about what cars would take the mainsail of an FF (115 inches) without folding over the ends.  In my search to find something a lot more economical than a Range Rover (!) I tried a VW Tiguan belonging to a pal of mine. If you don’t know the Tiguan, it rates very highly in the Which magazine owners survey and is basically the SUV version of the VW Golf platform.  Interesting…

Despite it being a 115 inch sail roll, this VW could just about take it.  You need to cram the front of the sail right up on the dashboard, but it will go.

I’m encouraged by that as the car is just a two litre and will do 37-40mpg. When fuel hits £2 a litre, that’ll help.

So I’ll add this one to the list of eligible FF towcars…..

Garda – Transportation Options….

We got to chatting in the bar last week about options for people wanting to get to Garda in 2012.  To be honest, it’s a fair way. ….

John Hanson came up with an interesting idea – hiring a flat bed truck, putting some fifteens on the truck (how many depends on truck size obviously) and tow one behind. This might be as small as a single boat size flatbed truck, but maybe bigger. Then some teams could fly down one one team drive all the kit down.

It seems that in August you can’t drive trucks on a Sunday in Italy, says John, but given the Garda NOR that should be OK.

If you would be interested to chat with John about this idea, then email us at datchetman@flyingfifteen.com and we’ll forward the email to him.

Flying Fifteens – Tow Car…

At our last visit to Goacher Sails I got a smile from the fact that you can’t get an FF mainsail in the back of the Company van !!… Not without folding the end a little. The van is too short!!

It rather reminds me that when Howard and I were racing a Dragon, a big issue in that Class is how many cars can legally tow one. The boat is 1700 kg, but the all up towing weight with trailer is around 2450kg. You can look up these details in What Car magazine, for example  – take a look and see what I mean. There’s only around half a dozen vehicles that can do it. That’s how I ended up with two Range Rovers in a row…. In our Dragon Club we used to have a list circulated between the boat owners as to which cars would give you a legal tow. Going to a Dragon Regatta often looks like arriving at a 4×4 drivers convention…..

The Fifteen is great of course because the all up towing weight is never going to be a problem really. However, what about carrying FF mainsails??  Thinking of the Goacher Company van I am reminded that a Dragon genoa wont even go in a Range Rover without folding the end of the rolled sailcloth over.  I really, really don’t like putting a fold in the end my rolled FF mainsail….I reckon you need 115 inches of storage length…

So what cars are on the buyers list  that can accommodate an FF mainsail. Lots of estate cars presumably?? BMW 5? BMW 3 maybe not? Merc E and C? Ford Mondeo? Subaru? ….The local car dealers around here are used to me turning up and trying to get a main into the back of their product without a fold.  Maybe yours are too.  So what cars do we know are good for the job? I’ve seen my sails go into the back of:-

  • – VW Sharan MPV
  • – Range Rover
  • – Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon
  • – VW Passat
  • – BMW X5
  • – Merc C Estate

I think Mervyn gets his in the length of a Mercedes CLK coupe, because the back seats will fold flat and the main will go through and sit on the dash. Very clever. … I’ll check with Mervyn if the sail is not folded…

We’re going to need some help with this…. There will be more cars for “our list”…. What have you tried that we can add??  The criteria is that we can get a rolled mainsail in the car without a fold…. ?? Nominations please to datchetman@flyingfifteen.com