Waples Wines Northern Travellers Tip of the Month – Number One!


Travellers tip #1 Boat/equipment stress: “Many people seem to be constantly worried their boat or equipment is not right or their boat is not properly setup. This takes up a good deal of nervous energy and affects enjoyment of sailing.  Don’t worry too much about your equipment and boat set up. I recommend you check your boat over at the beginning of the season, replace worn or damaged fittings or rope and then check the boat set up. This is a fairly easy process, there are tuning guides available from the class sail makers and there are always people willing to help if you are not sure you can manage it yourself.

My message is that on smaller water, similar to many of the Waples Wine Series events the legs are fairly short, so differences in equipment and set up have a relatively small impact. The biggest gains can be made by concentrating on sail setting, trim and getting the strategy right rather than radical changes to the equipment.    Set the boat up, make sure everything does what it needs to do and then put this out of your mind and concentrate on the things that make the biggest difference”. Helm, David Mckee, ƒƒ4005

P&B Tip of The Week – Time to Check Your Furler !!…..

You probably know that Harken guarantee their products for 5 years….  Well, according to P&B they do that except for ….. Flying Fifteen Furlers….  So straight off, you can guess why….

You can extend the smooth running life of your furler quite considerably by overhauling the ball bearings. Inside you will find 45 ball bearings – dig them out, don’t lose them (!), give them a clean and get some Harken silicon lube on them – and get the whole lot back together again….

The bearings can go a bit “lumpy” over time, says Alan… You can buy replacement bearing kits from the P&B chandlery.  The bearings come in two types – ‘normal load’ and ‘high load’ ….  An FF needs the “high load” type, so be sure you get the right one.

P&B Flying Fifteens