Flying Fifteen – Berthing Checklist 2… The Tiller Extension…..

For those new to Fifteens, we recently published a checklist aimed at the simple things to do with putting the boat away – the VC called it the “Berthing Checklist”….

A couple of additional things have come up….

(1) Famously I take my jib and main sheets home each weekend – mainly to prevent borrowings – but also to occasionally wash them in the washing machine. You know the tip for this, do you?  You put the sheets into one of those string zipper bags that ladies use was washing nylon socks. This works a treat….

(2) One of the irritating things that can break on a boat, including a flying fifteen, is the tiller extension joint.  It only ever happens afloat, of course, and when leading usually… Having been burnt like this before, I actually have a spare carbon tiller extension aboard at all times in our boat. (weight 125 gms, if you are wondering…!) It was Howard though that pointed out that most of the wear to the joint probably happens when the boat is berthed and under its cover – the joint being stressed badly in that ‘flat’ position. I guess it is worse if you race through the frost and snow of the winter season. He says that in Lasers, they never leave the joint attached between races for this very reason. So from now on, the tiller extension is going to be removed at the end of each race-day and stored in the nice dry clean garage with the kit box.