P&B In The South!!

It’s great news for Flying Fifteeners that P&B are going to open up in the South as well !!

Do you know where it is??  Here’s the address…..

Unit 1 Mitchell Close
PO15 5SE

Basically just off junction 9 of the M27.  For the Datchet Fleet this is almost exactly equidistant with Northampton – so which you choose is going to depend on where your home is, what the traffic is like and all that!!

Watch out for the official opening!

Flying Fifteens – New Fleet in Wales??

Some while ago, we worked out that Wales per million of population have more FFs than anyone else in UK….  and they are at it again !!!

There is some talk of starting a new Flying fifteen fleet at Corus SC – better known in my childhood as the Steel Company of Wales Sailing Club.  I’m pretty sure it’s the same one – that huge piece of water right beside the M4 as you drive west to Port Talbot. What a great shop window that would be for the Class !!

If you’d like to be put in touch with the team trying to get it going, just drop us a line at datchetman@flyingfifteen.com