FF Genoa Cars – A Different Way to Set them…

Do you have a Goacher Genoa??  A number of us at Datchet do, and we’ve become surprised in recent times how far back you have to set the jib cars for them.

You know the general theory, I’m sure. You sail upwind and when you luff, the tell tales are all meant to curl together if the cars are in the right place. Well…??!!  How precise is that??!!

The VC came across another method for setting the jib cars for a Goacher G1A genoa. I assume it comes straight from the computer modelling program. The strange thing is that when I challenged Steve on this recently, it seemed like he had moved on.  Anyway – we tried the VC Method, and it seemed to help us quite a lot.

Look at this diagram .

Lay the genoa flat on the ground and mark two dots on the luff. One at 1.05m above the tack, and another 10inches above that. (The VC is of an age where you learned both metric and imperial at school… I get the same problem…)

Now pencil yourself some lines at the clew that join the dots and the centre of the clew. Imagine a line drawn further back into the boat in each case (I use a 3 foot/ 1 metre steel rule for this resting on top of the genoa sheet).

Where the rearmost line crosses the jibcar track is where your normal setting should be. Where the forward line crosses the track is where the lighter wind setting would be.

So this comes with the health warning that Steve Goacher doesn’t do it this way any more – so long as you use pencil that will wash off, give it a try and see what you think…..