2013 Scottish Championships…..!!

The Scottish Circuit has thrived in recent times and the Fleet is in pretty good shape. John Orr has sent this item in about the 2013 Scottish Championships!  By the way, Fleet Captains… take a little look at their very nice little event website.  Very easy to do and a great way to promote an online presence for the event!  More fleets should try this!

Here’s our homage to the Life of Pi or put more simply a poster for the Scottish Champs. We have created a small website www.ffscottish2013.com and a facebook page. There will be a downloadable entry form and a proper notice of race on that site in a few days but thought it best to get the publicity under way now.

Will be sending this direct to those we know but would appreciate a good push on the new BIFFA website.


John Orr 

(You can download the very smart event poster by looking in “Interesting Links” to the right hand side of this webpage.)