Another Take on Undercovers…..!!

I must say that it had never occurred to me before that there could be more than one way to skin this particular cat – hull protection while towing.

Undercover 2


The ‘normal’ style undercover can be a bit of a fiddle to get on and off, but this idea goes at keeping the spray away from a whole different viewpoint.

Undercover 1


Undercover 3Photos © David Williamson


Flying Fifteen – Trailer-Keel Protection….

We have always padded our trailers with carpet strips to protect the keel. This is what kiwi Graham Brown is up to….

Venturi Placement

  • This photo shows the placement of the venturi (super sucker) 100mm aft of the keel flange.
  • This is the lowest part of the hull when sailing and thus captures all water in the boat (no added weight).
  • It also strategically placed to create the least drag by being in an area of low turbulence and disrupted water flow.
  • Note the large launching pads and keel protection box. These totally reduce launch and retrieval damage, especially when launching into waves.

(Thanks to Graham Brown)