That Painting of Coweslip…..!!



Mike Pearce kindly sent in this snap of the painting that was mentioned a few days ago….

For all the world, it looks technically inaccurate to me!!!  I reckon that’s a painting of HRH’s Dragon, don’t you??  And the artist put an ff insignia on the mainsail !!!

I had wondered why it wasn’t in the collection at Sandringham when I visited in 2011 – perhaps Philip was so annoyed he got rid of it !!!

Unknown Picture of Coweslip Emerges from Obscurity….!!

Adrian Simpson spotted this on….

Painting Of Prince Philip Yacht Racing Surfaces After 60 Years 
A previously unknown painting showing Prince Philip leading the fleet as he raced a yacht during Cowes Week has emerged after 60 years.

The oil painting was by Montague Dawson and is not formally listed in his body of work Photo: Christies/BNPS

The stunning work, that features the Royal Yacht Britannia in the background, is incredibly rare as it features the Duke of Edinburgh taking part in a sporting event.

It is believed to have been painted in the early 1950s when Prince Philip actively took part in sailing races at the prestigious event in the Solent.

The boat he is depicted on is the 20ft Flying Fifteen yacht called ‘Coweslip’ and Prince Philip and his crewmate – legendary sailor Uffa Fox – appear to be leading the fleet in the race.

The work was bought by a Canadian collector of maritime art from a London dealer in the 1960s.

It has been passed down his family and is now being sold for the first time at public auction at Christie’s in London.

In 1962 at Cowes, Coweslip nearly sank when she was hit by a gust of wind and capsized, throwing both Uffa and Philip into the water.

Prince Philip


Prince Philip’s Famous FF Coweslip…..

I have a feeling that I saw Coweslip many years ago when it was in the Greenwich Maritime museum….  would that be right??

Then it, and FD Superdocious, were moved to some Museum in Falmouth, Dartmouth or somewhere like that – which I’ve never managed to visit.

Well, Coweslip is on the move again – to the new Martime Museum at ….. Cowes…!!

Read about it here  and here

And here is a link to some still photos of Coweslip

Flying Fifteens – at Sandringham…..

I visited Sandringham at the beginning of June. It’s a pretty good visit, by the way. Did you know that by tradition all the clocks and watches at Sandringham were set half an hour ahead – to make the most of the light for “country pursuits”!!  I don’t suppose Howard would consider the same….

Anyway – they had an exhibition in the ballroom to mark Philip’s 90th – he’s Patron of FFI, of course.  The theme was “Philip and the Sea”.  I was pretty delighted to suddenly find a painting of his three boats as centrepiece of the exhibition – a big cruiser called Bloodhound, along with …. yes , you guessed …. his Dragon and his Flying Fifteen.  In seventh heaven, wasn’t I?

Suddenly a voice behind me chirped up, “Oh, look … his Flying Fifteen!”  So I spun around holding my FF cap in hand and said, “Ah – another Flying Fifteen Fan?!”

A small rotund man looked at me as if I was crazed and said, “Not me mate – I ‘ate ’em….”….