Notts County “Fleet Status” is Back…. !!

Great News from Notts County

The Flying Fifteen’s of Notts County Sailing Club have regained fleet status for the
2015 season by getting the required number of qualifying boats in last
years main summer series whilst competing in the clubs menagerie fleet.
This means the F15’s will have a separate class race in the main series this year instead of last years handicap racing.

I am also pleased to announce the return of Notts County Sailing Club to the Flying Fifteen open calendar with a late addition. Due to fixture congestion we have decided this year to hold it in the weekend of the 8th and 9th of August. Full details of the weekend are yet to be confirmed but it goes without saying that all who can make it will be welcome and hopefully our open will return to be another regular fixture in the F15 calendar.
Angus Wright
Notts County Flying Fifteens

Notts County and Rutland Fleets on the UP ….!!

I understand the Rutland fleet has re-established and there are regular turnouts of 7-9 boats. Also Notts County are growing as a fleet.  Both of these clubs would fit well into the Northern Travellers series in the future.

Dave McKee

(If you are reading this from Rutland or Notts County, do you have any tips for others who wish to rejuvenate their fleet turnouts?? – Ed.)