National Championship League Table…

You might be interested to look at the Y&Y League table for National Championship attendance.  We’ve obviously had a good year in 2011, but the table as a whole is pretty thought provoking…..

Take a look at it here

It’s a bit like “these you have loved”…. Check out where the classes that you used to sail before the FF are in the table. You have to conclude a lot of our sport is fading away. The Solo is right up there with us too, as is the Contender.

What do people actually want to buy and sail – as opposed to what the marketing hype would have you believe?  I think the Contender might be the only trapeze boat ahead of us in the table (I am writing this in early September… so it may change).

Our year by year attendance is pretty up and down to be honest, but the ten year average isn’t so bad.

Y&Y – Nationals Attendance Tables…..

This months Yachts and Yachting magazine has just popped through the door. It’s the time of year that they review all dinghy classes. As always, it is so frustrating that they don’t include the Flying Fifteen in the tables – they classify it as a “yacht” not a dinghy. The article starts off with an analysis of National Championship attendance figures for the last decade. It makes pretty interesting reading.
Of 134 classes, only 24 classes made ‘the cut’ – with more than 50 entries in this year’s National Championships.
– of the 24, 19 are non trapeze boats, 5 have trapeze. The top 11 classes are all non-trapeze.
– only two of the 24 were designed after 2000, and about half were designed before 1970 and half since
– two of the 24 are Laser designs (Radial and 2000)
– three are RS designs (RS Feva, RS200, RS400)
– interesting absentees ? Fireball, 505, the other RS’s, Laser, Laser 4000
– youth classes of Optimist and Topper are way out front with 300+ entries
So where would the Flying Fifteen fit in the league table?
– the answer is at number 17, with 63 entries
– two less entries than the Merlin Rocket
– one more entry than Dart 18
– three more entries than RS400
Y&Y also score if you had more or less boats than in 2000 and 2009.
Only 12 of the 24 listed managed more entries in 2010 than in both 2000 and 2009.
If the Flying Fifteen were listed, it would have been one of them.
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Not bad…….