Anything Magic on the World Champion Boat….??!!

Aside from the two guys sailing it, that is??

We’re going to write a few bits about the boat in coming days, but there were a couple of “under the covers” ideas which has the FF Blog staff thinking…..


Just study this photo of the stern deck here and look carefully at the reflection of the lights. Unlike the other Ovington on the stand, can you see that the reflection of the lights is imperfect?  It appears that’s because the gel coat there is thinner and you can just about make out the underlying weave showing through.  There was a similar effect on the bow too. So they were working hard to reduce weight at the ends.

Next thing – compare these two mast gates from the show boats….



The top mast gate is that of Justin Waples’ boat, and the lower photo is of Graham and Chris World Champion boat.  You can probably just about make out that the vertical thickness at the gate is reduced in the lower photo.

I am told that the alto section fits the standard gate very well, but you will also see in the lower photo that it looks like the gate has had a bit of grinding done.  There was in fact around 2mm of sideways play in the gate – wonder if that is to improve the sideways profile of the mast, or if I’m reading too much into it…..

Fantastic attention to detail from Ovington, eh??!!

The New Mast Gate……!!

As we all know, Ovington have remade the deck mould to the Mk X and that until you look carefully it looks very similar to the old one – a reduction in non-slip areas, a slightly altered rear bulkhead.

What else ?  Well I didn’t spot the fact that the mast gate looks a bit longer. The position of the back of the gate is defined by the rules, so they have made the gate a little longer by extending the front further forward a shade.  So we get more mast control in a stiff breeze – but quite possibly the mast lever needs a little alteration to accommodate the increased mast travel.