A Life Before the Mast ….!!

Last Sunday 27th we arrived at Draycote to rig our boat. The boats where we
are berthed are approximately on a North/South axis with the sterns facing
North. There was a brisk Easterly blowing. My sailing partner, Kevin, set
about rigging the boat and in the process the main halyard blew downwind.
No problem he thought I’ll retrieve it in a minute. He thought no more of
it. Meantime Richard Hope, in the next door boat downwind of us, has his
head down fiddling in his boat, looks up and notices a main halyard blowing
around by his head. Assuming it is his, he ties it off to the spinnaker
loop on his mast! You know whats coming! Richard and crew then start to
roll their boat down to the pontoon to launch. After a short distance they
feel some resistance and assume there is a stone under the wheel so they
apply more push which has the desired effect of moving the boat forward but
unfortunately it also has the effect of breaking our mast in two right by
the spreaders.
Kevin and I come ambling down from the changing rooms looking forward to a
brisk Sunday sail to greeted by red faces and a broken mast!
We look forward to an interesting conversation with our insurers,
fortunately both Richard and us are insured with Global so, other than the
embarrassment, we don’t foresee any problems.

Rodger Webb, Draycote