Next Copy of “FF World” Magazine – a Message from the Editor …!!

FF World
Calling all Fifteen sailors: I am looking for interesting articles, reports, photos, anecdotes, technical tips, previews, for the next issue of FF World, due to be published before Christmas. Copy deadline early November – I can accept anything up to 9th November at the very latest. Also happy to carry adverts.
Crispin Read Wilson
mobile: 07887 767564 

FF World Edition 2 – Advertising Wanted…. !!

Do you have your own business, or are you self employed maybe?  You know when you go to a local concert or similar and the event programs contain adverts promoting  businesses in the area?  If you have considered doing that in the past, would you similarly consider placing an advert in the FF magazine?  It’s tax deductible, isn’t it?  There’s no reason that our magazine should only bear adverts from the sailing trade.  You’ll probably agree that the first edition was stunningly good, but we keenly need a few quid in the bank though to make it all happen.  The amounts asked by the magazine team are very nominal, and indirectly it’s a way for the Government to help out!  Help us if you can – see below.  Ed.


If any FF sailor wishes to advertise his/her business/product in the next issue of FF World at the knock-down price of £100 for a full A4 page, £50 for a half, £25 for a quarter, please contact me asap: or Deadline for copy 31st October.


FF World Edition 2 – Articles Wanted….!!

FF World Cover Photo croppedI am preparing the next issue of FF World. If you have a piece that you have been meaning to write, but have not quite got round to it, this is your last call. I need all copy by 31st October in order to bring out the magazine by the end of November/beginning of December. Email to me at either or Photos too, please, but make sure they are high res so that they print well.



FF World Magazine….!!

RJON 140515 FF Worlds cover FF Worlds Cover Photo


Those of you amongst you who are Association members will have received and read the new “FF World” magazine.  Fantastic, isn’t it??!!

If you’re not a member, you’re missing a real treat.  For me, the central feature based on an interview with our very own World Champion, Chris Turner, was sensational value.

The work to pull all this together was done by Crispin Reed-Wilson and he has exceeded everything we asked of him.  Look out for the next issue which Crispin already has in mind!!

FFI Magazine…..

I was browsing through the contents of my favourite cupboard last week, when I found three glossy FFI magazines dating  back to the nineties. Do you remember them?

They were glossy magazine A4 format items with around 30-40 pages on good FF Class content. The main reason that I kept them both were for the topical Goacher/Evans articles of the time – terrific and still valid today.

But we never received any more after that time, did we?  I cant recall if we voted to discontinue them at the time, or whether they just stopped.  I imagine the production cost and effort became a barrier.

In fact, I’m delighted that our Club persists with its magazine, Datchat. I know the content quality is variable and it could all be said in emails and attachments, but I strongly believe it can help promote an image if you set your mind to it. In the case of our Club, that might be keen, friendly racing, geographic location and family friendly for example. The issue may be how you get it in front of prospective members rather than the ones you already have (same for FF’s!). Or has all this been culturally superseded by the Club Website?  It receives around 500-600 views a week…. I’m not sure….

I still belong to the British Dragon Association. By contrast, once a year you get two glossy A4 magazines plop through the letter box. One is for the IDA (International Association)  and one for the BDA (British Association). I look forward to them immensely. Despite the fact that they can also be downloaded as PDFs from their website, it is still the luxurious effect of browsing through them in the armchair that is so enjoyable.  Before I got my Dragon, I was subscribing to the Association just to get the magazine – to soak up the vibes. Better than the average Yachts and Yachting, I felt. They concentrate on great content and terrific photos. All the major suppliers to the Class present high quality advertisements, and really if you are in sails/boats/clothing/insurance etc you have to be seen there.  The articles are well written, and since they did a marketing/branded study have become quite focussed on what they are trying to say to whom.  The population size will be different – probably smaller than the Flying Fifteen. Still, I am amazed they make the economics work. Perhaps the sponsor/advertising revenue covers the costs. I must try and find out….