Going to the Irish Nats?? Cheap Ferry Deal…..!

Irish Ferries have offered the following rates for those attending the Nationals

Aug 30-1    Championship of Ireland, WHSC Dunmore East

                                                Cruise Ferry                                       Fast Ferry

Car and 2 people              £247.50 return                                   £310.00 return

Extra adults                        £25.00 per adult                                £28.00 per adult

Extra kids (4-15yrs)          £12.50 per child                                 £12.50 per child

Saturday supplement    £10.00 out in August                       £45.00 out in August

Delayed Return           £20.00 back in September            £15.00 back in September

Trailer up to 4m long       £50.00 return                                     £50.00 return

Trailer 4.01 – 6.99m         £85.00 return                                     £85.00 return

Doing “The Irish” ….?!?!

Not going to Hong Kong??  Want an exotic trip anyway?  Have  you considered “The Irish”??

For myself, I cannot imagine a more sociable time!  Talk about well balanced people !!  Did you know there are four UK teams signed up so far??  ….Waples’, Osborne (or is that Osmans?), and two of the Apthorpe Family Fleet !!!

The NOR should be out in the next few days, or if you want to email Charlie Boland, just send your email to publicity@flying15.org.uk and I’ll get you in touch with Charlie.

It’ll be brilliant…!

Somewhere to stay??

  • Check out –  Seacliff Holiday Homes http://www.seacliffholidayhomes.ie/ has offered entrants an excellent accommodation rate: €200 for a self catering holiday home (sleeps 5) 10 minutes walk from the village centre.

The Importance of Club Sailing for National Authorities…!

BIFFA HQ have sent us this very interesting link to a piece about sailing in Ireland being “in crisis”.  I must say, there is a real echo for me in the content as it relates to the state of sailing in the UK and the state of Club participation, unused boats and so on.

Take a look at the the article here