Chris Turner on his Spinnaker Handling Fit-Out….!!

A few days ago we published an item on our World Champions’ fit-out for spinnaker handling…. This is what Chris has to say about it:-

I have the kite cleat forward (same on Sake) so I can control the drop. Free’s Graham to have his head out of the boat. I pull the kite down, no need for a sock through the cockpit as you simply stuff the kite forward. After the first couple of pulls you are pulling on the sail itself anyway. Merlins, Scorpions and a lot of traditional UK Classes have this set up, it is nothing new.
Lead is where it is as there was no where else to put it! Handly you can put your toe under it on a windy reach too!
Got a few new ideas that will come for the Nationals…



Datchet Coaching – Jeremy Davy on Spinnaker Flying….!!

Spinnaker Flying

BIFFA recently ran a coaching day at Datchet, with our Coach for the day being BIFFA President, Jeremy Davy.

We have a number of videos to show you, spilt into three groups – today we focus in two videos on spinnaker flying.  Turn your sound up to hear Jeremy’s commentary !!

It was a gentle day as far as the breeze was concerned, which for video may have been a good thing!


You will be looking to keep the spinnaker luff curling, but not solely by trimming either the guy or the sheet.  You generate more forward power as a rule by squaring off the pole as much as you can without causing the spinnaker to go tight across the foot. Keep playing the guy as well as the sheet, and use the cleat beside the shroud to maximum effect. Now see the videos….


This next video is a trial of a system called videopress


Video above…..

First Time Spinnaker Handling ….

The VC has made a good point in that we should start a series of articles on the FF Blog aimed at people climbing aboard a Flying Fifteen for the first time.  We shall eventually build it out into a new section of the website I suspect.  The first one we’ll have a go at here, is who-does-what in spinnaker hoisting, dropping and gybing in a boat with a spinnaker chute. Very importantly, you read it as a timeline down the page and on the left are the Helm’s responsibilities, and on the right the Crew Member’s….

Obviously, if this turns out to be clear, we’ll do one for boats fitted with bags….

                                         Spinnaker Handling
      Helm      Crew
Uncleat leeward twinning line
Uncleat  sheets
Clip guy (windward sheet) to pole
Push pole forward to engage uphaul loop
Clip pole to mast
Shout ‘pole on’
Uncleat halyard
Hoist spinnaker, cleat halyard
Concentrate on steering straight course Trim guy to mark if reaching or running
Trim sheet
Re-trim sheet continuously
Square spinnaker by pulling guy
Uncleat halyard but keep tension in hand
Pull downhaul As spinnaker enters chute, unclip pole from mast
Disengage uphaul loop
Unclip guy from pole
Slide pole along boom
Tidy and cleat twinning lines and sheets
Cleat halyard and downhaul
Pass sheet and guy to helm
Uncleat windward triming line
Pull guy astern until clew on forestay
Steer boat across wind Gybe boom using kicker
Pull in and cleat leeward trimming line
Steer with rudder between legs and Unclip pole from mast
control spinnaker Clip on new guy (windward sheet)
Unclip old guy (new sheet) from pole
Clip pole to mast
Trim and cleat guy
Trim sheet