Carbon Comes to Consoles…..

dw carbon console©David Williamson

When Phil Evans did my boat  last year, for the first time we tried the flat top console idea.  It’s turned out to be very good in practice.

At the time that Phil was doing it we were hoping to get a sheet of carbon in place of the tufnol panel.  It’s just a cosmetic thing – we’re right at the Centre of Gravity here and the weight is not going to matter a pop.  I think in a modern boat this is going to look great !

In David Williamson’s photo I notice that the slots have been lined wit a metal sleeve, which we don’t need on tufnol…..I still think it looks terrific!



The Flat FF Console…..

Whenever Geoff Bayliss brings a new Fifteen to Datchet to race, it’s brim full of interesting ideas…. This year was no exception –  he brought his new carbon Ovington, and that’s what is in the photo here….

We had the chance to get reacquainted with a very alternative design for the centre console that Phil Evans can do.  In fact, I had Phil show me this three years ago as an option on a boat in RWYC and I was very intrigued – well, tempted I suppose.

What you get is Phil Evans normal 5 console controls hidden below a flat surface. Hiding things away can be good and bad, I guess, but lets face it, this looks great at least. Plus, as Geoff says, you get an extra seat! The controls are rig tension (thicker black flecked line) and cunningham at the front, furler in the middle, prebend and boom outhaul at the back I think. For the back two slots, the cleats are at the back of the slots, and for the other three the cleats are at the front.