Classic Restoration – FF 1341….!!

5 July 2014

Classic Flying Fifteen Restoration By Nick Carroll

2014-06-14 02.15.17How I got into Flying fifteens. I was going to cover my restoration but everything has a story so I may as well start from the beginning.

I was driving on the M6 from Birmingham back home to Southport when I saw an amazing Yacht well I thought it was a Yacht. It had Flying Fifteen written on its transom I was taken by its beauty! I had never seen a boat quite like it before as was only familiar with Enterprises Laser etc at my local marina being the Marine lake Southport.

When I arrived home I looked up Flying fifteen on the net and was enlightened to a new type of Dinghy.

A Dinghy? Really I thought it was a yacht!

This was over five years ago and the impression of the FF stayed with me. I looked on ebay and saw an F15 for sale it was a glass fibre Copland hull and deck with two sets of sails including spinnaker so bought it but I really wanted a wooden decked ff as they are a pretty boat but you have to start somewhere so this one was it.

The FF was picked up from a sailing club in Kettering and towed surprisingly well on the way home.

2014-06-14 02.19.16The FF is now parked outside my workshop. I`m an engineer by profession being on the precision and fabrication side. I had decided to do up the Copland FF by removing the anti foul paint from the hull and generally a little TLC with a view to sailing her.

6 months had passed and I looked again on ebay and saw a 1950s wooden FF in Donegal Ireland go for £127.00 ?? I nearly bid on it but didn`t as the cost and time to bring it back to UK was prohibitive.

It was in June that I noticed another FF on ebay just the hull on a trailer no mast or sails etc. It was a 1970 Wyche & Coppock with a wooden deck. I thought no I mustn’t as I already have one I then thought hang on I have an FF with everything required to set up this classic FF so why not! I bought the FF and picked it up from the other side of Southampton.

2014-06-29 15.10.58I have now removed the ply deck due to dried out wet rot at the transom end and also on the entry holes for the shrouds.

2014-06-29 15.10.142014-06-28 09.38.35I have found out that the ff was manufactured in 1970 and its name was “Wind Spit” sale number 1341 Her name has now been changed to “Shamrock”

I decided to upgrade her and have had to do some homework/research on upgrades?? There is no available information on this for ffs? I will disclose this information in my later as this article progresses.



Current restoration

Removal of keel sand blast and re-paint with 2k urethane paint.

2014-06-29 15.10.37I had read that the Keel was a tricky thing to remove?? I didn`t understand this as it was very easy! Loosen nuts to just above thread use a drift 16mm round bar is good and hit it with a two pound hammer they pop when it stops on hull remove nuts and use either another 10mm bolt or round bar to drive the bolts out.

Prepare and re-paint hull in 2k urethane paint.                                                                                                  Above water line black & below water line white.



  • Install Harness cable over the top of the rudder post
  • internal Deck installation & enclosure to create built in buoyancy. I will show this as the re-fit progresses
  • Set up mast adjusting cords and spinnaker cords etc to a central consul as new ffs are now set up .
  • Install spinnaker chute.
  • Make new rudder from hardwood set to new / current rudder angle.
  • Modify existing rudder post tube to take rudder bushes from Ovington boats.




Burton FFs on TV Tonight…!!

Burton Sailing Club will be on local TV tonight on BBC west midlands news at 6:30.

Today was the cutting of the turf for our new training facilities and the local MP attended along with the BBC reporter.

Star role went to the digger but more importantly the interview and photo opportunity continued on the water with a back drop of two of the clubs FLYING FIFTEENS under full sail.

Watch out for the report and see what we are up to.

Malcolm Hall

Getting to Garda – the FF Europeans in 2012….!!

There has been a flurry of comments in the blog about the best way to get your boat to Garda and back.  How about getting it delivered??  This item came into the blog’s Facebook page last week….. It’s obviously written with dinghy racers in mind, but I guess they have thought through how it will work for small keelboats and their trailers…

Sailboat Deliveries Boat Transport to 2012 Europeans in GardaIf you are thinking about going to Garda for the Europeans why not get us to take your boat for you to save you 4 days of driving, ferry, fuel, tolls, vehicle wear and tear and all the other hidden extra costs and arrive fresh with your boat sat in the boat park waiting for you.

We go to Riva many times a year and have a good working relationship with the club. Our team will carry out all the loading and unloading both in the UK and Italy so that your boat is waiting for you in the boat park when you arrive in Riva. We have premises in Emsworth on the South Coast where we load the boats. Competitors can drop off and collect their boat at any time convenient to them and trailers can be left for the duration. All kit can travel in the back of the van to lighten your load on the airplane. At the end of the event we will be there for you to hand your boat back to us and put your kit bags back into the van. Our aim is to make your boat transportation as hassle free as possible.

The return price for delivery is £925 per boat.

The boats need to be on lightweight trolleys (i.e. the collapsible type) so that 3 boats can fit comfortably on each of our trailers. We understand that many of you have these trolleys already but if not they can be hired from us for an extra £50 each. We will transfer your boat from your trailer to trolley when we commence loading.

If you would like to book your boat on our trailer please contact us at or on 01243 377633 or go to our and download a booking form.

A few details about our company:
Sailboat Deliveries is a Limited company specialising in delivering competitors boats to European events. We are members of the Road Haulage Association and operate within their guidelines and conform to all legal requirements. We take pride in delivering a professional and friendly service. We hold an International Operators Licence and run all of our vehicles on a tachograph (which is a requirement for deliveries of this size) and hold commercial vehicle insurance with goods in transit cover. We operate at the forefront of the dinghy marine industry working closely with RS, Laser, Selden Masts, Noble Marine, Oceanair, Lewmar, Purple Marine and P&B to name just a few!

We look forward to hearing from you.
Ian Jubb and Pippa Jubb

Datchet FF’s – Winter Program….

As usual, the Datchet Winter Program is shaping up to be the best part of the Year!

We kick off with the FF Midwinters on January 28th and 29th.  We’ll be hoping that visitors will leave their boats with us and also race the four Sundays of the Datchet Winter Warm Up. Then we get one weekend off for the Dinghy Show, and the weekend following (March 10th and 11th) we have the Datchet FF’s Spring Open Meeting.

The Club has bargain priced packages for all sorts of combinations, including extended boat parking. We hope you can bring your Fifteen along and join us for the whole 7 week stay!!

The NOR and SI for the March Open Meeting have just been released and are shown in the column on the right hand side of this page under “Interesting Links”.  See the entries marked “Datchet March 2012 Open Meeting….”