Three in a Boat…..

SONY DSC(Photo – Justin Waples in his brand new Evans finished Ovington, the boat from the 2014 Dinghy Show, sailing three up at Burnham.)

A year or two ago, a rumour swept through the fleet that we might permit gnavs to replace  vangs and thus create space to race three up.  For the benefit of exploiting the “family boat” characteristic of the class, you have to admit a spot of flexibility in this area could be a useful feature for promoting weekend Club Racing, and getting young ‘uns involved early.

If this resonates with your club fleet, the issue is why not do it anyway?  At our Club, we abandoned the requirement to carry anchor and warp a decade or more ago.  Our man made reservoir is 80 feet deep with very steep concrete sides – there’s no point in the anchor and warp rule for us.  One year ago, our Fleet AGM decided for Club racing that one penalty turn would become the norm as two turns was tending to push people to ignore their obligations.

For myself, I can’t imagine that an extension of the rules to include a ‘third man’ would be at all relevant to the Championship or Open Meeting Circuit.  I can see though that in some Clubs, popularity will be boosted by allowing a third pair of hands aboard.  If you agree, then maybe the Nike slogan applies…. “Just Do It”