Get Your Entry in for the Nationals NOW….!!

Hi All

I would be very grateful if you could encourage any fleet members to:



The club are really hoping that you can as they would like to plan catering, on shore entertainment etc for the event.  The Falmouth fleet and the Royal Cornwall YC are really getting behind the event and have put a huge amount of effort in already all they need to know is that you are going so please spread the word.

Follow the link to enter




Keith Jamieson

GBR 3903 Vitalstatistix

UK Flying Fifteen General Secretary

Incorporating Regatta Weeks in Regional Championships….!!

We ran an item a few days ago, started I think by Grayson Eacott, about running FF Regional Championships as part of large scale Regatta Weeks.  This is what Chris Bowen has to say….

What a great idea. Can I suggest running the nationals along side Poole Week. Parkstone did a great job this year of hosting forty F15s for the Southerns and at the same time still managed to run the RS500 nationals and Poole Week. This would bring many advantages over the usual format –
– There is plenty for both sailing and non-sailing members of the family to do.
– A four day nationals would only need one day off from work.
– It would be a great showcase for the class.
– It would be in the school holidays, so those of us employed in the education sector would be able to attend.
– The catering and social events at Poole Week are excellent.

Reflections on Rebuilding the Falmouth Fleet….

I think BIFFA should encourage Falmouth to match the BIFFA steps in the fleet.

2700 or 3200 or 3400 would be ideal steps for a new fleet.

3000 makes NO sense at all, and will create an unlevel playing field for the new fleet.

Why were 2700 and 3400 chosen after all! 3200 is an antipodean step apparently. 3400 ties in with the new smoothie mould I gather.


Starting a Falmouth Fleet…..

We’ve all heard by now the great success stories of starting FF Fleets as Classic, or Classic/Silver Fleets…..

As you may have read on the blog recently, the local members are going to try the same trick at Falmouth.  The Fleet Rules are going to be:-

– Sail numbers below 3000

– second hand sails only

– for local handicap racing a special Portsmouth Yardstick will apply

I can’t wait to see how they get on!! Dave came up to Datchet mid-October to pick up the first “new” Falmouth boat. He chose “Midnight Cocktail”, a very famous boat in its time. I think it’s 2948 – and is yet another early carbon boat if I recall correctly. It was built by Trenoweth, so it’s off to its spiritual home….

If you want to be put in touch with Dave Owens and the local team, let me know at