David Hume on The EU Trailer…..!!

lightbaord arrangementThe lighting board shown in this picture is attached to the rear protection system of the trailer. This protection system is both adjustable and demountable, the latter being essential if you intend to launch your boat from the trailer and not use a crane. The Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations 1989 stipulate that any rearward overhang from a trailer lighting system must not exceed 1Metre. Therefore if the rear protection system , with lighting board attached, cannot be adjusted to meet that stipulation then a lighting board will require to be fitted on the transom of the towed boat, or bow if it is being towed t’other way about.

David Hume

EU Trailer Keel Support….!!

keel support and mudflap

In our recent series of photos from David Williamson about the new EU compliant Sovereign trailer, did you notice the rollers in the keel area??  It adds a bit of weight of course, but relative to the design of my trailer’s keel platform, it will offer better protection for the keel during boat recovery.  Did the previous model Sovereign have these??

axle bearer and suspension unitNote too the way that the mudguard is fully enclosed on the inside face.  Good shot of the mudflap too.

EU Trailers – 3….!!

lights and reflectors

It looks like the new EU compliant trailer from Sovereign has a rethink around wheel housings and lights.  If I recall correctly there is a new obligation to have permanently mounted (waterproof?) lights and reflectors.  You can see something here in the way for forward mounted lights (or reflectors?)  and side reflectors.

You can also see something else here – better road-spray management.  There is a permanently mounted wheel flap and I’d say that the mudguard itself looks more enclosed than the preceding model.

EU Trailer – First Look….!!

Have you seen one of the new EU Compliant trailers yet??  I must admit I haven’t as we haven’t had a brand new boat at the Club since they came out.

By great good fortune, David Williamson has kindly sent over a few photos that we shall publish in the coming days for you to take a look.  David lives in Victoria, Australia – and has just taken delivery of the sister Ovington hull constructed at the same time as Graham Vials’ god-like boat !!

You may be wondering how come David needs a UK trailer??  Well, firstly I might say that my daughter lives in Melbourne and does most of her shopping (which is a lot, obviously…) online and has it shipped out there – because the Australia dollar is so strong, it’s cheaper to do that !!  Secondly, the new boat has to be delivered on something, I guess  !!!

We’ll publish the main photo here and look at detail in the days to come.  At first glance, I’d say that it looks like Sovereign have made a nice job of the design.

rear quarter view cropped

(try double clicking to enlarge)