A Letter from FFI Commodore

Dear Flying Fifteen sailors,

I believe there are many UK sailors considering entering the worlds but unsure to whether they will get a place.

I would like to clarify the situation:

Firstly, the UKFFA “World Qualification table”  only becomes relevant if entries for the worlds at CNCM exceed 110.

Based on feedback received, FFI’s expectation of  entries from the host country France plus other overseas countries not including the UK is in the order of 50-55 boats.
That would leave at least 55 places for UK boats which even with the best will in the world we are extremely unlikely to take up.
Therefore my recommendation is if you want to go whether you are an open, silver or classic then enter now and get your accommodation and ferry booked asap!

Best regards,


Greg Wells
Commodore FFI.

UK Nationals Go Online Entry ….!!

UK Nationals 2014 – On Line entry

A gentle reminder to advise all those intending to attend the 2014 Nationals at Parkstone Yacht Club that on-line entry is available via the PYC website (http://www.parkstoneyachtclub.com/page1539.html) or from the BIFFA events page.

This year each helm and crew will receive a Nationals shirt and these should be ordered when entering.

PYC will need to advise our printers the required shirts sizes in good time to ensure shirt availability at registration.

To ensure you receive the required shirt size, may we request that you enter as soon as possible.

Otherwise you may be given whatever is left…. You have been warned.

Huw Willetts

Parkstone Yacht Club
Flying Fifteen Class Captain

The Entry Point for Flying Fifteens Seems a Long Way Up….. !!

Although I have only been sailing a Flying 15 for a couple of years now I can see exactly why some members have been in the class for what might seem an eternity. It’s a competitive class with some very close, tactical racing, exactly what you look for in one design racing. Many of pretences that it is ‘an old man’s’ boat are quite frankly false, it is often really hard work, especially in a blow, frequently when I come off the water I know I’ve had a good work out. The blog does raise a number of important and frequently controversial points, including those regarding recent fleet sizes, so I thought I would give my thoughts as maybe the youngest member of the fleet.
Another point that always seems to rear its head, be it at an AGM or in general discussion is the issue of attracting people to the fleet, especially young people. It is very apparent that the number of young people in the class is extremely low, and there is only one real reason for this…finances. A number of my friends one or two years out of University who are currently working and living in London, simply cannot afford to buy a Flying 15, while I am fortunate that Dad has one, others are not, which it what makes the RS 200 such an attractive proposition for us. When I go to events and you see the number of Flying 15, quite simply abandoned and obviously haven’t been touched for years is a real shame. There needs to be a considerable effort to let people use them, for example I would love to do the Nationals this year (Dad has work), but don’t have a boat to use. On the basis that many of these boats will still be very competitive it wouldn’t take much to bring them up to race scratch.
Tom Waples