2014 Rankings – Deep Dive 2 – Crews ….!!

You will remember from a couple of days ago that Tom Waples has started giving us his extra Rankings Analysis on the 2014 season.

Today we get to see what Tom has discovered in terms of Crew Rankings.

First up – we learn celebrity crews move around!  The names are not necessarily associated with the helms name these days – and King of this Mountain is Richard Rigg !

The other piece I see is that our most travelled crews are Helen Selden and Howard Shawyer, both from Datchet and both with 7 events each!

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2014 Ranking Crew Stats

Top Ten Gear Guide 2011…. Do Fatties Go Faster?!!…..

We’re part way through preparing the 2011 Top Ten Gear Guide for Yachts and Yachting. Still awaiting a couple of replies, but quite a few things are clear…..

Two thirds of teams use end-to-end poles for example…. and more than three quarters (78%) prefer spinnaker bags to chutes… and for sail makers, Goacher Sails took the top 3, but P&B also showed well. (Unlike the Worlds, the Nationals were a blowy event, remember…)  Everyone uses an Epsilon – but remember that Graham Vialls and Chris Turner took the Worlds with an Alto Section mast – and P&B sails…. And with the exception of Charles and Gavin, the top ten sound like a one design Ovington Fleet!!!

However, it was the team weights that caught my eye. Some while ago I was chatting with Alan Bax, and Alan felt that maybe the optimum weight was creeping upwards. I’m not so sure looking at 2011….

For a long time we have said that the boat will carry a wide range of crew weights from 22 – 30 stone, and often the optimum has been said to be 27-28 stone. Well, in 2011 that is still the case…. Our average helm weight is just over 13 stone (84 kg), and our average crew weight is 14-15 stone (95kg).  Remarkably most teams though are just a kilo or two away from a 178kg mean total – which is 28 stones.

During Hayling’s windless days, there was hilarious chit chat about whether it is better to have the fat at the front or the back….  Well, out of 8 responses, 6 had their fatties at the front , and 2 at the back – so just possibly the big guys are best at the front end…!!

You can read the top ten gear guide by clicking here