That Painting of Coweslip…..!!



Mike Pearce kindly sent in this snap of the painting that was mentioned a few days ago….

For all the world, it looks technically inaccurate to me!!!  I reckon that’s a painting of HRH’s Dragon, don’t you??  And the artist put an ff insignia on the mainsail !!!

I had wondered why it wasn’t in the collection at Sandringham when I visited in 2011 – perhaps Philip was so annoyed he got rid of it !!!

Prince Philip’s Famous FF Coweslip…..

I have a feeling that I saw Coweslip many years ago when it was in the Greenwich Maritime museum….  would that be right??

Then it, and FD Superdocious, were moved to some Museum in Falmouth, Dartmouth or somewhere like that – which I’ve never managed to visit.

Well, Coweslip is on the move again – to the new Martime Museum at ….. Cowes…!!

Read about it here  and here

And here is a link to some still photos of Coweslip