The Ultimate Two-Boat Program….!

Have you ever wondered about following Charles idea of having a flying fifteen in each of two countries and just “popping over” for a regatta??

Well, John Hassen of Perth, Western Australia has done just that. In addition to his sparkly new Ovington at home, he now has a boat here to race with while on family visits to UK.  You may have seen him showing in the results table at the Nationals, Ullswater (where he sailed with Chris Turner!)  and Cowes Classic week.

You can read a little about his progress at Cowes Classic week by clicking here…. that’s John in the photo on the left and see the section titled “Long Distance Racer” in the report.


Fifteen Fifteens – and Cowes Classics Week….!!

In recent years, our Club has been celebrating the birthday of our oldest fleet member with a little “family regatta”.  It’s had several formats, and the friendliest of them has seen very large turnouts from the home fleet, regardless of boat age.  People will, it seems, turn out for the light hearted social/sailing occasion.

Malcom Hall was telling me that at Burton they have tried the idea of nominating a day as “Fifteen Fifteens Day” – with the aim of getting most of the home fleet out on the water.  They had a bit of a blowy time, so some stayed ashore – but a dozen fifteens raced that day.  Not a bad idea really !!!!

You might have seen a day or two ago that the Cowes Classic Week got a FF fleet for the first time in 2013.  We think it was perhaps only 3 or 4 boats and Bobby Salmond won it. Actually what a great way to enjoy Cowes without all the usual Cowes Week bustle and prices!!  So Malcolm has suggested we ought to see if we can get fifteen fifteens to the start line at Cowes Classics next year??  How about that as an idea??  There might be some owners in France and Belgium that might come.  I think that the 6 Metres bring along boats of all ages including the modern ones.  Maybe we should do the same to try and get it going – invite classic, silver and open??

Let us know what you think!!

Incorporating Regatta Weeks in Regional Championships….!!

We ran an item a few days ago, started I think by Grayson Eacott, about running FF Regional Championships as part of large scale Regatta Weeks.  This is what Chris Bowen has to say….

What a great idea. Can I suggest running the nationals along side Poole Week. Parkstone did a great job this year of hosting forty F15s for the Southerns and at the same time still managed to run the RS500 nationals and Poole Week. This would bring many advantages over the usual format –
– There is plenty for both sailing and non-sailing members of the family to do.
– A four day nationals would only need one day off from work.
– It would be a great showcase for the class.
– It would be in the school holidays, so those of us employed in the education sector would be able to attend.
– The catering and social events at Poole Week are excellent.

Cowes Classics Week……

You’ve probably heard of Cowes Classics week, have you?  It’s becoming quite the thing – the Organisers are patiently building up the momentum. I went down to the marina at Universal on the Hamble to take a look at the 6 metre fleet that is based there. They were just stunning.

Anyway, our humble little Flying Fifteen is on their list – along with the Darings and the Sunbeams and so on.  Pretty interesting stuff – you can take a look at their website by clicking here

John Hanson on the Southerns…..

26 boats at Cowes.  I do not know the final results  as we sailed back to the mainland.  We were very happy the wind was 4-5. But wind over tide for the two days.  It was a a great event and the club really worked hard to make every one feel welcome.  
Andrew, the PRO, set some excellent courses with the triangles being set perfectly to allow very fast and wet down wind surfing….

Update on Southerns at Cowes !!

So far 24 entries.

10 launching at Shepards

10 launching Hamble/Calshot

4 from CCYC

Any chance we could remind the competitors what we have social wise on
Saturday evening via the BIFFA site.

1800 – Champagne & Canopies at Commodores House (Uffas last residence)

2000 – Home cooked curry at the CCYC for all competitors!!

Flying Fifteen Video Goes Online at the BIFFA Website….

Our last Worlds in Cowes, in 1997, gave us some great video footage – many of you may dimly remember it!!  There are some really great high speed, three sail shots actually.

For the moment, there is a bit of a shortage of high class promotional footage, so we’ve had this old VHS material digitised for the website. The boats still look very current – the benefit of the Ovington Era !!!  Take a look and see what you think.  It’s about 5 minutes long.

Click here to go the video