Fancy the Europeans at Mallorca – How are you Getting There …??

A whole number of you will be already thinking of getting to the Europeans at Mallorca.  How are you getting there??  Mike Thompson (Chew Valley) was interested in containering the boat down there and got this quote from which you may find interesting.  If you want to know more, I suggest you get in touch with Mike.

Thank you for your email regarding the flying fifteen Europeans at Puerto Pollensa Malorca in September.

The minimum amount of boats we are able to take is 4, and the price for transporting 4 flying fifteens is £6,800. This would entail the removal of one of the boat’s keels for transportation. (If you are able to find 3 other competitors this will make the payments £1,700 each.)

At present we have had no other interest for delivery to this event, so you would need to find 3 other competitors to make the trip viable.

I hope this helps answer your query. If you have any questions or I can be of any further help at all then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Wizardly Conversions…..!!

I understand from a Parkstone member that the fleet there is in happy receipt of a handful or two Merlin sailors who have come across to flying fifteens.

Brilliant news obviously and it would be good to know more about why, the implications and so on.  It’s probably not unconnected with the suggestion that a new carbon Merlin costs around £28,000 which is probably eye watering by anyone’s standards.

But what of our new build price??  I guess the raw materials cost has been escalating, but I suspect a new Fifteen, with sails, covers, trailer (non-EU) is “getting up there”….  A time for reflection perhaps, plus bless the long life of Ovington products that keeps their fifteens winning races for a decade or two – giving a great way to buy in to FFs at a reasonable price…..

Flying Fifteen Covers – Hints and Tips 4…. Cost….

So you have just bought your first Flying Fifteen and brought it back to the Club. It needs a new cover…. But maybe your new pride and joy is 25 years old, cost a thousand, or maybe 500 off eBay !! So a new cover looks a disproportionate investment !!!!

What to do?? Well, this is essentially the problem we have with the fleet of Club Loan Boats for the Trial Sail Program. (see Trail Sail tab on the website, beneath the banner photo)  We have found that you can get a really good deal by going to the Sail Register. The covers seem fine, fit for purpose, and a realistic price for the older boats.

A flat one is about £135 as I type this….

Sail Register