Flying Fifteen – The Modern Mast Ram…

A couple of guys at the club with older boats have been looking at mast rams recently. Indeed, at least one of our Loan Boats still uses chocks. It’s all come along rather a lot over the years….

This photo is taken from a new P&B boat and shows pretty well how the new mast rams are set up – I think it’s an Ovington accessory, in fact.  You will see the ram as the long aluminium arm on the left of the photo. The black rod that protrudes from the arm near the top of the photo is attached to an eye on the front of the mast – and that is where the ram/prebend effect is delivered.  You can see that the ram/prebend needs two control  lines – the ram here is the line in white with pink fleck, and the prebend is the black line with a fleck.

Keep in mind that this boat launches its spinnaker from a chute. What are the other control lines that you can see in this photo? The grey line is the pole downhaul, and it is led forward to elasticate the excess  away when the pole is parked. The purple line is the chute cover. The yellow line is the furler.

So there you go – that’s what it looks like under a modern Ovington foredeck….