The Composite Craft Flying Fifteen Cockpit….

This is the cockpit of the new Composite Craft carbon fibre Flying Fifteen. Now what can we learn here??

© Charles Apthorp

Well to start with, the cockpit looks a bit roomier than an Ovi, don’t you think?  This is mainly because the side tanks are made as narrow as possible in the rules, so Charles says, to hang out harder – Argghhh !!  Then what else can you see here? What do you think of the console? You can certainly move past it a lot more easily than the Ovi Console in a narrower cockpit…. Note the offset bailers too. And generally note the amount of carbon trim around the cockpit – the jib tracks, the genoa platforms – and you can see clearly how the spinnaker sheets emerge from the tanks right up on the centre line…. they are the odd shape black fibre oval shapes in the picture. Note the flashy spinnaker sheet takeoffs too.

It would make a pretty good “RS Flying Fifteen”, don’t you think?

You can enlarge the photo by clicking on it…