Clothing and Merchandise for the Hong Kong Worlds…..!!

hong kong worlds shirts

Pre-Orders for 19th Flying Fifteen Worlds Apparel

An official event shirt has been produced which will be given to each competitor with their welcome pack.  In addition we have designed a small range of souvenir event apparel, which includes a cap, fleece, rugby shirt, rashie and wind breaker.  These items can now be pre-ordered, along with any additional event shirts that you may wish to purchase.

A discount is being offered for all apparel ordered on or before 15th August to help ensure that we have the right sizes for you and that your item is ready for you when you arrive in Hong Kong.

Items sold during the event will not have the advantage of the discount (approximately 15%) and, as we will only be carrying a small amount of stock during the Championship, we will not be able to guarantee that late orders will be ready in time for you to take it home with you.

Caps, Polo Shirts, Fleeces, Rugby Shirts, Windbreakers, Rashies all available.

Order online At the WEBSITE ABOVE, and pay on your RHKYC Visiting Membership account when you arrive in October, or contact us for bank details to transfer cash.

Kit for New Members….

Tony Cumberbirch joined our fleet just in March 2011 – after many years away from sailing. I was pretty impressed when Tony paid his Club Subs on the spot pretty much. It was March so Winter Rules applied, and Tony, star that he is, immediately bought a new dry suit. What’s that ? £250 maybe. Presumably gloves and boots too. On my suggestion he bought M&S thermals not Mustos. Then on his first outing in Midnight C, he needed a buoyancy aid. Hmm – £50??

It’s quite a cost to get into sailing for the first time or a very long break then?? What should we do??  Maybe we should all post our disused/outgrown(!) kit on the website for sale ??  What does the Datchet Club do with lost property – do they ever sell it off after it lies unclaimed for a few months?? Does the Watersports School ever sell of its old inventory? I dont think the new chandler rents wetsuits like the old one used to…  It seems quite a barrier to entry to me for the newcomer – we should have a think about what we might do about it….