In-House Sail Certification – FF’s Led the Way….!!

So we think that in house sail measuring is a new thing – well think again; whilst perusing the early records of the class (for an old ff owner) I came across the following in the earliest year book I have, 1955.  Hence the use of the word perusing, as I would think that when one looks at records from this era perusing is the only word that can rightfully be used.

Anyhow back to the rules, the chosen sail maker was asked to complete an “undertaking” upon which he was asked to complete the serial numbers of the sails and stamp the sails with the said serial number, and sign the declaration that  sails conformed to the rules of the flying fifteen class.

This form then had to be sent together with the certificate of registration to the Hon Sec of the class  Frances Snary Esq (then at  180 Upper Richmond Road, Putney, now a building called Cambridge House according to street view)  for the appropriate endorsement to be added to the registration certificate.

So new idea ISAF?!?!   Well think again – the boys at the FF association were doing this in 1955!

Keith Jamieson