2014 Championship Events Calendar Update…..!!

We now have the date for the Scottish Championships so the “2014 Championship Event Dates” blog from October 6th has been updated.  Click here to see the revised version.

The BIFFA Fixtures list is being updated accordingly.

We also now have the NOR for the 2014 Europeans – click here to download it.

There is a page dedicated to to the Mallorca Europeans on the Spanish website.  Click here to see it.

2013 Draft Fixtures Calendar….!!

There is suddenly a spate of enquiries to the Blog about the 2013 Calendar – everyone is starting to plan their year – terrific!!!

So what’s the delay??  A couple of things – first we are between the old website and our brand new one from WSI.   Second thing is, Fleet Captains (!), you’ve not all got your dates agreed with BIFFA HQ!!!  I must say there is also a little issue to fix as to who is hosting the Southerns, which also needs to be resolved – we have an embarrassment of offers, it’s not that we’re short of a venue.

So this is s draft and subject to change, but lets put it here and we can keep updating you as changes come in.  Click here to download it.

(Will keep you updated till the new website is ready – we’ll put it under the FF Blog  “Interesting Links” as well for now.)