An Invitation From Belgium

Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

Hello everybody,


Comme chaque année, nous vous invitons le deuxième week-end d’octobre pour notre championnat de Belgique Flying Fifteen sur le lac de la Plate Taille en Belgique.

Vous trouverez en annexe, l’avis de course.

As every year, we invite you the second week-end of october for our Belgian Flying Fifteen Open Championship of the Plate Taille Lake in Belgium.


Cette année-ci, du beau monde :

This year specials guests :

– un Australien John Hassen qui possède le FF3935 en Australie mais qui a récemment acheté le 3845 en Angleterre.  Il viendra pour le Championnat de Belgique et pour le Championnat du monde en France et les autres régates en Angleterre.

– John Hassen FF3935 in Australia but bought recently FF3845 in England.  He will come for the Belgian Flying Fifteen Open Championship, for the Worlds in France and all the races in England next year.

– un nouvel Anglais : Athol King GBR3939

– a new English FF : Athol King who come for the first time also in Belgium.


en plus des habituels Français et Anglais…

and of course, our French and English friends who are used to come each year.


Nous vous demanderons cette année de vous pré-inscrire impérativement en ligne à l’adresse :

le formulaire sera en ligne sous peu.

This year we ask you to pre-registred absolutely at the address of the club website :

the entry form will be soon on line.


A bientôt,

See you,




Véronique Hachez,

Présidente of the Belgian Flying Fifteen Association

Tel. : +32 (0)60 514 333

Mobile : +32 (0)494 06 55 06

Email :

Belgian Nationals Coming Up…..!!

The increasingly popular Belgian Nationals are coming up as usual in October!!  You may remember, we wrote about it last year.  The organiser, Veronique Hachez has just sent this in….

Hello everybody !

You are welcome to the Belgian Flying Fifteen Open Championship 2013 as every year since 2000 the second week-end of October.

Free of charges for the outsiders…

Notice of race soon online on the website of our club

The crew which comes for the first time in Belgium will be accommodated free of charge in my holiday cottage.

Already 12 registered Belgian crews, certainly 4 French crews and 2 English crews.

Sponsored by the beer and the cheese Chimay !

 Veronique Hachez


See you soon,


Belgian Nationals ….!!

The NOR for the Belgian Nationals has been posted on the BIFFA website – it’s this weekend coming, and a superbly hospitable event by all accounts.!!!…  won last year by Anthony Osman and Andrew Murphy!!!

When I was doing the occasional commute by car to Brussels, we often used to play “Name Six Famous Belgians” as part of our car-game repertoire.  It’s pretty hard actually (for a Brit!), as Poirot and Tin Tin are fictional and disallowed. So now you know Anthony and Andrew, you have only to find another four !!