Southern Travellers at Broxbourne, June 3-4

13 Boats – including 4 visitors, 2 from Middle Nene and 2 from South Cerney sailing clubs enjoyed a great weekend of sailing in sunny, warm conditions with generally light and shifty breezes.

5 races in all, 1 before lunch on Saturday and two in the afternoon. Then 1 before an early lunch on Sunday and 1 in the afternoon when conditions started to freshen ahead of the forecast approaching front, calling for a complete change of the course. Both courses used marks in the ‘second’ smaller lake making for interesting avoidance of wind shadows and wind deflections!

To say’ enjoyed’ does have to be tempered with or include ‘challenging’ and ‘downright frustrating’ ! The shifty winds with an occasional gust later on Sunday afternoon certainly sorted the men from the boys. Great care was needed in choosing the up wind route and in approaching windward marks, where it was easy to get stuck trying to be too precise. Downwind legs defied simple kite flying and smooth gybes were order of the day!

The race management was spot on in trying conditions ( for race officers! ) and although the courses seemed at first to the outsider to be complicated, they did at least provide 2 to 3 good beats per lap, but needing constant attention to ensure correct rounding’s !

As usual the difficulties everyone experienced were well aired in the bar and over excellent lunches and an evening meal that satisfied us all. Our hosts, Broxbourne SC as always provided a sociable, helpful and welcoming face to everyone. Congratulations to the winners,   particularly to Mark Greer and Jim Reid from Middle Nene, who in their immaculately prepared classic boat appeared unfazed by the conditions. Broxbourne boats of Pip Hudson and Mick Musgrave and Bob Tait and Peter Comber were second and third.

The Southern Traveller Series is alive and well !   Roll on Llangorse over the w/e 24-25 June !!

Click here to see the full results


Derek Harrison SCSC

2017 Southern Traveller Series – 1st event at Broxbourne SC on 3rd/4th June!!.

The Club has a very active fleet of Modern, Silver and Classic F15’s, ideally representing the focus of the Southern Traveller Series which aims to encourage competitive racing for all ages of boats.

– Overall positions will use ff handicaps

– Broxbourne Classic Trophy will be awarded to the first Classic Boat.

– Prizes will be awarded through the fleet

– Entry includes a free Saturday evening Meal!

Broxbourne SC is easily accessible from most of South Eastern / Southern UK with dual carriageway roads bringing you to within 3 miles of the Club.

If you want good competition and / or tips and advice on set-up, tuning, etc – or just an opportunity to meet and sail with like minded F15’ers – the STS is the series for you!

The other STS events in 2017 are at Llangorse (24/25 June), South Cerney (9/10 Sept) and Middle Nene (13/14 Oct)

See the UK Flying 15 website for details of NOR, and Club contact, etc.


Parkstone Yacht Club – Flying Fifteen Open 3/4 June 2017

Parkstone Yacht Club – Flying Fifteen Open 3/4 June 2017

Come an enjoy 2 days racing in Poole Bay. Entry is on line and links can be found on the Parkstone Yacht Club website at ‘Sailing’ -> ‘Major Events’ -> ‘Open Competitions’ -> Flying Fifteen Open or on the Association website on the Events page.

We are holding a social event on Saturday evening and you will be contacted, once you have entered, to see if you would like join the Parkstone Flying Fifteen class and advised on the nominal ticket cost.

There will be racing in the harbour on Friday evening start time 18:30 for those who wish to arrive early and have a sail/race.

Boats can be left at the club on the evening 28th May ,by prior arrangement, for anyone who is at Hayling that weekend and would like to drop off the boat rather than trail it home. Hope to see you on the 3rd June.

Huw Willetts Parkstone Yacht Club Flying Fifteen Class Captain

Dinghy Show Boat ….!!

Went to the Dinghy Show yesterday.  A great day actually!!

On the stand we had Coweslip, looking… well… Royal…!!  It was obviously very different back then – no toe straps for the helmsman, and one strap for the crew!

Of more technical interest was the new boat – 4047 fitted out by P&B.  In fact, I think it was Alan’s most recent boat and may be on the market if you want it!!

As such, it was in reasonably standard P&B trim but did have some interesting kit in a couple of places.


We first saw adjustable bridles of this kind a couple of years ago on Graham and Chris’ boat.  It certainly caused a lot of discussion on the stand.  Many people seemed to wonder how often you’d use it, but I must say when I asked Graham the same thing he said “most outings”.  Interesting.

I like the cutaway in the jib turning block carrier too.


Perhaps of more interest was that the boat was rigged with the new jib.  At first, lots of people didn’t even notice (!).  Alan though has moved to a twin track jib car system as we commonly used to have some years ago.

The emphasis here might be to have a track right on the inboard edge so as to have the ability to sheet it closer to the centre line.  Apparently Geoff Bayliss’ new boat has something similar (I’ve not seen it though), with both cars in place.  I must admit when we used to have two parallel plunger type tracks we used them a lot.   I had the opportunity to ask Richard Lovering of Hyde Sails what He thought of sheeting the new jib closer to the centre line, Richard said that the new sail caused a lot of that effect anyway – as the centre of fullness is much further forward now it might anyway set a couple of inches further inboard.  I think Richard said he might have to think about redesigning the main to match.

There was more than one conversation on the stand that maybe the old jib would be quicker in the light. If so, it’ll be hard to tell anyway!!

Phil Evans was telling me that he has come up with a smart little “two length” jib halyard idea, so that owners can easily interchange between the two sails.  That’s the way to go for me, I suspect.


This photo was mainly to illustrate two points:-

(i) the boat wasn’t rigged fully for its spinnaker.  It had a chute cover, but no sock in the cockpit. Interesting.  No bags either.  Perhaps they stuff the sail back under the foredeck as per “FooF”.

(ii) The protest flag.  Now most dinghies have been relieved of the obligation to carry a protest flag, but at 20 feet, if I recall correctly we are obliged to carry one.  But how many of us do??   Followers of the World Championship reports will know that it was eventually decided in the protest room and that the two main protagonists both flew their Code B, little red flags.

I wonder what happened to mine?  I’d better order up another from P&B…!!





Northern Travellers!!! …. Get Your 2017 Dates Here….!!

Waples Wines LogoThe dates for the 2017 series have now been agreed.  We are pleased that Waples Wines have again agreed to provide support to the series. The arrangements for the series remain the same although we have now added Nott’s County SC who were one of the founding clubs when the series started 11 years ago. Ogston will be taking a rest from the series for this year but hopefully will return in the future. As before 2 events are required to qualify. The events are spread nicely across the year and will culminate at Nott’s County in early October.

April 22-23rd RWYC
May 20-21st Dovestone SC
June 3-4th Rutland SC
July 8-9th Bassenthwaite SC
Sept 2-3rd Burton SC
Oct 7-8th Nott’s County SC

Going to Napier for the Worlds….??

Are you planning to go to the Worlds in Napier in 2017??   I popped in there during January 2014 and just adored the place.  The sailing setting is simply superb and the town is a beautiful art deco restoration dating back to a post-earthquake situation in the 1930’s.

Anyway, if you’re thinking of going you’ll already have worked out that it’s a blinking long way.  So have you considered doing the Australia Nationals in Esperance as part of your warm-up program … then shipping your boat together with the Aussies from Perth??  If that is even vaguely interesting for you, then read this from John Hassen.


Dear All

The reason for my email is to raise the possibility of getting a few of the UK based Fifteens who are going to the Worlds in Napier to also possibly attend the 2017 Australian Flying Fifteen National Championship in Esperance, a mere 720 kilometres from Perth. As someone who has boat in the UK I have a fair appreciation of what is involved in getting to and from regattas and at first glance the thought of UK sailors doing regattas in Australia and New Zealand is somewhat daunting but I have given the matter some thought and discussed it with David Swan (“Swanny”) from Esperance who is chairman of the organising committee. In fact attendance and the logistics involved may not be all that daunting but would require a bit of time and obviously two trips rather than one trip down under. There are certainly worst places in the world to spend the Christmas and New Year period. As someone who does the trip in reverse at least a couple of times a year I can recommend red wine and sleeping pills and the time just flys by!

I have attached a flyer which provides details of the regatta. Perth based boats going to New Zealand will be doing the Nationals at Esperance and then returning to Perth to pack the boats into containers for transport to New Zealand. What I thought we could do is if a container of UK boats could be delivered to Perth the container could go to the South of Perth Yacht Club. The UK sailors could come to Perth unpack the container and then drive to Esperance. We would be able to provide road trailers or may possibly be able to organise temporary licences for the UK boats on their own road trailers. We have an abundance of cranes and hoists at SoPYC. We would organise for some of our crews to take the UK sailors and their boats to and from Esperance, thus avoiding the need for hiring a vehicle with a tow bar. I could assist in organising accommodation or depending on numbers even billeted accommodation in Perth for visiting sailors whilst they are unpacking and repacking the container and likewise Swanny would do the same in Esperance. Upon return to Perth the UK container could be repacked and sent off with the Perth containers to New Zealand.

Whilst I did not sail at the Esperance Worlds I have sailed there in three State Championships over the last 9 years. It is a fantastic sailing venue and the hospitality of the Esperance Club and members is legendary. They always put on a very good event both on and off the water.

I was hoping you might let your UK readers know of the event, the logistics offer and act as a liaison point for any interest. If there is interest we can start organising a few things from this end. Accommodation is going to be at a premium in Esperance over the Christmas and New year period as Australia closes down for annual holidays at that time and Esperance it is a popular summer holiday location. I have already booked and paid a deposit for my accommodation.
Kind regards

John Hassen

Click here to see more information of the Australia Championship


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Napier – 2017 Worlds…..

There is the outline of a plan or intent for the 2017 Worlds to be in Napier, New Zealand. I guess the feasibility is being planned anyway.

By extraordinary luck, Datchetman, your FF Blog’s roving reporter happens to be typing this to you in Napier right now.  What a stunning spot!!  Really….!!

I’m staying pretty much on the edge of the coastal boulevard, Hardinge Road, in a place called The Crown.  Really nice apartment style hotel !!!!  Book your rooms right now!!!

About ten minutes walk from here is a huge Yacht Club/Marina centre.  Wife permitting, I shall try and find out more tomorrow – at least to see if that is the Club and facility that will host the FFs.